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Surprised to not have seen it mentioned already, but I highly highly recommend the Couch to 5k program. Works wonders.
I'm trying to get into beer. The three I've actually enjoyed are Hoegaarden, Hopf Weisser Bock, and the Fat Tire.
A lot of Nadja. Absolutely beautiful ambient doom.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hummingbird I have thought the opposite - that there are too many clothes for gigantic, tall, fat people on here I'm a 36/mens Small/slim fit kind of guy, (even though I am of non-short height at 5'10) and trust me when I say it's really hard to find smaller stuff. I think that overall the items here are more of an average size rather than one demographic. They aren't small, and they aren't large. Just...
My usual drink of choice is G&T with a splash of cointreau if available, but I guess I'll have to try a Manhattan given how many people like them.
Quote: Originally Posted by drashyyy the picture colors are a bit off but theyre the raw indigos. I believe New Cures only go down to size 26 unless they changed them this season. Are these New Standards?
Billionaire mathematician
Dress shirts, henleys, plain t-shirts (crew neck and v) mostly. Also got a nice light Hare blazer that I might use every now and then. Going to keep going with my SJDJ (about 7 months of wear now). It's a nice light denim, and I'm probably going to finish a year off in them before I switch to my Flat Heads in the fall.
I'm a very feedback driven person. Once I saw progress, I couldn't stop because it'd be a shame to lose what I have after having worked so hard for it.
I love Kashi Go Lean (not Crunch). It has pretty good macro profile, and it tastes like the non-marshmallow Lucky Charms.
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