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Another 5. Hoping to move to 6 on wed. Would like to be back in the "run 10k whenever" condition.
5 miles yesterday.
It's summer so I wake up, start the coffee, check my emails, start the toast, prepare my coffee and almond butter toasted sandwich for breakfast, and start the movie that I downloaded the day before. I decided I'd watch a "good" movie a day while I have the free time. Today was Brazil, yesterday was The Breakfast Club, tomorrow will be There Will Be Blood.
I used to run between 7.5-9 miles three times a week until a knee injury forced me to sit out four weeks. I started up again on the treadmill about 2 weeks ago, and I just did 4.25 miles today. Not my best, but better than nothing.
Only use smith when there's absolutely no other choice. For example, I'm back home and using the community recreation center, which has two smith machines but no goddamn bench. I will be incredibly happy when I move in a month.
I just got through my SJDJ and am starting my APC NS. I usually have another pair of relatively new nondistressed denim for when I don't want to look like a slob. It was my NS when I was doing the SJDJ and now it'll be a pair of FH3001.
Was sipping on some Knob Creek. Just a lazy Sunday night.
Right now: Balvenie Doublewood Disaronno Bombay Sapphire Hoegaarden Probably will buy one more bottle of bourbon. Looking to get more stuff after I move over the summer and start my grad schooling.
MWSa - Running. STTh - Weight Lifting. F - Drinking.
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