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I'd love to see some photos of aged, worn beefroll penny loafers. It's easy to make 'em look good when they're new. Where can I find some photos of some well-loved, broken-in shoes?
One more picture of the blue trail oxfords. Six days old: Previous post here. Now worn with a chunkier wool sock, and I'm still glad I sized down from my normal 10.5 to a 10.
user error. double post. don't know how to delete.
Introducing.... mcgrue! A long-time lurker. First time poster. These arrived today: In most shoes, like Allen Edmonds, I'm a 10.5. I sized down to a 10 for these trail oxfords. With San Diego-thin socks, these are a great fit. If I lived in a warmer clime and wanted chunkier socks, I'd have gone with 10.5. UPDATE: Even with a chunkier sock, 10s work. Post here. These are beautiful shoes. Love the smell of new leather and the look of the blue color and the Vibrams.
New Posts  All Forums: