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i all, I've decided to sell this blue Goyard cardholder I purchased in Hong Kong a few months ago. It is completely brand new and has never been used. It comes with box, papers, and everything it came with when purchased from the Goyard store. I forgot how much I paid for it but I'd like $450 + shipping for it. Local pickup available in the Los Angeles area. I'm new to this forum but I can provide several references on other forums on which I sold other high dollar items....
Villains Tavern has been my new favorite downtown spot. They have really good house drinks, sometimes cool bands, no cover, free parking. I suggest arrive before 10:30 or so to avoid a long line.
Quote: Originally Posted by EMY Around your area, you can check out this bike store on amar/grand. It's right next to the stater bros to be exact. Go there to get a general idea on pricing and models, but that place tends to be a bit expensive and doesn't have much selection. that is the only local place i can think of. LOL I live so close to here that can literally jog to Amar/Grand from my house. I'll definitely check it out next week....
Thanks for all the responses! Tons of info on here for me. I thought of buying online or on craigslist (huge selection here in LA) to save money but since I know absolutely nothing about about cycling and the fact that the right size for me might be hard to find (I'm pretty short) I think I'm gonna have to just save up a little more and go to a shop to get a professional opinion. Do you guys think I'm gonna need shorts? Or would basketball shorts work? Also what about...
Anyone here into biking? I'm looking into starting since my knee has been acting up when I run so I thought it would be a nice alternative. I want to get a decent road bike (not fixed gear) that won't bankrupt me. Anyone have any suggestions? Also does anyone here belong to some sort of biking group from the LA area? It would be nice to go on bike runs with others since it seems to be more motivating when you're with other people.
Definitely Blue Label on rocks. If it's a casual setting then Hennessy rocks it is.
Nice feet FTW!
I've flown several different airlines to these destinations and I would definitely suggest taking an Asian airline over an American on for these routes. Cathay, Singapore Airlines, and EVA Air are some of the best airlines I've flown in terms of service, seats, and food. Cathay's first class is amazing. Enjoy your trip.
When I was on college I used Blik graphics to add some excitement to the room. It's a lot easier than painting the room since you won't have to repaint the walls before you move out. They have some pretty cool stuff now, when I first bought from them they only had a small selection of designs. Check them out
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