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Has anyone used Michael Andrews Bespoke? Seems in that range as well. the yelp reviews are overwhelmingly positive
excellent first post
Quote: Originally Posted by AxlJack You're taking your CFA, so I'm assuming you're interested in the IB industry. The 650 bucks you spend compared to the relative value you get from saying its a finance minor to a business minor is not worth it (Adding it to your resume worth ------> -$650 - Time spent on course work - Balancing your work and school + Educational real employer benefit). If really interested in assumed industry I would say...
Quote: Originally Posted by ihambrecht i think hes saying it wont tank within the first two weeks of trading. Buying linked in at 120 a share was someones worst nightmare. ok, makes more sense
Quote: Originally Posted by Slopho Watch Groupon's IPO. It will do the exact opposite of LNKD. why do you say that? they actually have substantial revenue + revenue growth. much more clearly defined business model than linkedin in my opinion
In my opinion sneaking around is a very high-risk/low-reward mode of navigating this process. In most companies this process is managed by people in HR who will likely contact your current manager either for a reference or for some inconsequential detail to justify them having a job. Frankly I would have grave concerns if my new manager didn't care about the qualifications and performance of an internal applicant to not even pick up the phone and call your manager. You...
Barney said Tiffany was a poison that Barney needed to cut out of his life forever. That's when Tiffany walked in with a bunch of her hot co-workers. "Hang on to this girl, Ted," Barney said. "Hang on to her and never let go!" Barney was beginning to suspect that Tiffany was a pharmaceutical sales rep. She was. Ted said it was just a job, but this sent Barney into convulsions. He was twitching as he explained to Ted that, "Throughout time, there has always been one...
I live in a southern city and it seems like wearing BB is the quickest way to blend into the crowd. I also work in finance, so that isn't as much of a criticism as it might initally appear.
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