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1. Black 2. If gray, similar to the suit pants, maybe slightly darker. Hard to judge what patterns you may be considering. 3. I'd consider purple. This would open up the possibility of brown shoes. 4. Suit yourself
Quote: Originally Posted by alliswell Tongue pads work better than heel pads. can you elaborate why? as well as cost? I've tried the cheap heel pads from CVS and they were fairly painful. My left foot is slightly shorter than my right and want to remedy this issue for the new AEs I just picked up.
If I have chestnut and dark brown shoes, is it recommended to have a different brush for each?
Quote: Originally Posted by thinman My two most versatile jackets are a navy blazer in a shade slightly lighter than the typical navy blue, but still recognizable as navy and an air-force blue basketweave, both with smoked MOP buttons. Horn buttons with the wrong cloth could look like an orphaned suit jacket and I love MOP. I honestly didn't expect to wear my navy blazer as much as I do, but it's become my go-to jacket. It helps that it fits like a dream...
Disagree, think asics are horrendous but acknowledge they are very good running shoes. I'm glad nike free's work for me.
I am finished staring at my new AEs and going to wear them for the first time this week. Do you guys recommend scuffing up the soles a little at first or just letting them get roughed up from regular use?
Quote: Originally Posted by mordecai I also love smoked, am bored by cooked Salmon. This seems like a good place to post this: That lobster probably was getting so much lobster pussy before he got caught...
What's the difference between jam and jelly?
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