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Any advice on where to go with this? For background, my hair is naturally fine and I've applied some American Crew Fiber in the photo. Not looking to allow the sides to grow much longer than they currently are, primarily due to professional reasons. I've purchased the Living Proof thickening cream and applied to my dried hair a couple of times, with decent results. Planning on applying wet and using a hair dryer to test the effect, although my masculinity wants me to...
Any insider info on the anniversary sale? When is starts? What AE shoes may be available? Procedure for pre-order? Thanks, 45E
Strands or Cliftons in Walnut? At first I was leaning towards the Cliftons because they are a little less flashy but the Strands continue to grow on me
Call me crazy, but switching to "Straight Bar" really did reduce pressure on the top of my foot and believe is restributing the stress/creasing more evenly on my new AEs
What are your measurements? The last sport coat is intriguing and appears to fit you nicely
Quote: Originally Posted by mrhills0146 The proposal I am considering is to restructure a summer internship program in corporate finance for a Fortune 15 firm. Company is not a bank or financial services firm. The proposal is for a paid internship upon which we'd expect to hire some percentage of them back the following year (after graduation) into a rotational management development program. Expect that the internship would be valuable to have on...
Quote: Originally Posted by willpower You probably don't want to use things like waxes or clays since those products have the tendency to clump hair together. I'd try some volumizers like Christophe Beverly Hills Volumizing Spray Tonic, which is pretty inexpensive or Living Proof Thickening Cream which isn't. If you get your hair cut with layering shears it'll create a denser look on top. Planning on trying the Christophe product, thanks for...
Hey guys, $3k for the whole apartment Patrick- appreciate the input, however I know several people living in the neighborhoods I spoke of paying less than $1.5k/person in two or three bedrooms. I believe our expectations are fairly reasonable. Changy- you are right, we are probably not as interested in UES/UWS. Not interested at all in midtown either.
Very curious to see reactions. I believe I read a favorable article in either WSJ or NYT a couple months ago.
Gents, I am moving to NYC and was hoping to get your input as I begin to start apartment hunting. My most important considerations are being in a place with a good nightlife/cultural/food scene and being somewhat convenient to commuting to Wall Street/WTC area. I don't want to live in a dump, but I am not overly concerned with amenities or space. I will have a roommate and $3k looks to be about our ceiling. We are leaning towards East Village, Union Square and Gramercy...
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