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Posts by 45elkton I'm growing my hair out a bit and keep this article bookmarked for those days when I come close to losing patience and chopping it off
Thanks for the feedback. I just threw a price in there and would be willing to pay more depending on the amount of wear and what alterations have been made. Is the suit you plan on listing 40R? If so, please PM.
i hear travel agents and print media are also in decline
I still don't really understand his reasoning. Are there deeper lying issues about why you don't want to drink and you are mentally justifying it by this getting in shape thing? As i see it, develop some self-control. If you like drinking and bars, do it. You don't have to get sloppy. If I have a lot to do the next day or want to make sure I'm not being foolish in front of a certain audience I'll nurse a couple bourbon on the rocks and sneak in the occasional water. Avoid...
bumpity... what benefits do you guys derive from fish oil/why do you take it?
Recently decided to take two weeks of vacation and go to Europe for 16 or 17 days, leaving 3 weeks from today. I've never been anywhere on the continent and am tired of waiting for the "perfect" chance to do go, so i'm making it happen. I'd love it if you would share some advice on places to see/avoid and any resources you used to help plan your trip. I'm thinking 4 cities seems reasonable. I planning flying into London and staying with a friend for a little. That is the...
To be clear- I am interested in the hickey style line, not the traditional Hickey Freeman line. Have this suit in solid navy and solid charcoal so I'm looking for something different. Prefer non-altered but would consider minor alterations. Please list anything you have done to the suit.
care to share a pic? trying to decide where i want to go with mine
For me the cream had worked well but I've actually had even better success with the mousse. Think using a hair dryer has made a big difference as well.
Moving to NYC, any recommendations for a barber/stylist? Current hairstyle doesn't require much work but I'm planning to transition to a longer style on top while keeping the sides fairly short and it sounds simple but I need someone that listens.
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