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My favorite pair of sneakers are Superga 2950's that I bought last summer and now I can't find them ANYWHERE. I wear size 43 (EUR) but would consider sizing up or down because I like these so much. Please come to my rescue!
this is my buddy from college's cousin
Must have been thinking Brooklyn Bridge, not Fulton. The move would be to take the 4/5 from Brooklyn Bridge to 86th and change to the 6.
Great thread. For me personally the NYC subway system provides much more entertainment than aggrevation. It helps when I'm feeling blue to know that there are people out there that can't reach the day-to-day conclusions and decisions needed as part of living and working in a large city that I consider subconscious at this point. But Yesterday Was Cold Guy Given how much people feel the need to talk about the weather, I would think it a virtual impossibility that an...
Saw Padma Lakskmi in the East Village the other day on Ave A... didn't know celebs make it that far east
My apt is 3/4 of a mile from the store, going to check it out this week, can't wait
PM sent don't know why they chose a couple of the photos but the one of Jimmy D from Boardwalk Empire is a good example
Can anyone speak to the quality of the overcoats sold at the outlet stores? I see the Wool and Cashmere Classic Overcoat and the Mason Wool Overcoat will be on sale for $559 at the regular store. Do you guys think I can get something comparable on sale at another retailer?
^ FWIW those look a little baggy to me. However if you hem them to have only a very minor break it should clean up the lines signifigantly. I just found this out with several pairs of slacks i thought were too baggy in the leg. Liking what I'm hearing and seeing about the APC New Standards. $175 isn't that bad considering i really only wear 2-3 pairs of jeans and currently don't own a pair high-waisted enough to go for the tuck. Still... anyone know of a retailer that may...
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