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Got a new job where I need to wear a suit everyday, so also thinking ahead to winter and looking for a topcoat. Looking at Charles Tyrwhitt or Jcrew, as both can be had for 300-400 which is reasonable, and I can try them on before I buy which is a big...
Not enough time, have a bunch of job interviews lined up, and my old suit doesn't fit anymore
Plan on going down Madison and stopping at Jcrew, Tyrwhitt, and Suitsupply (SF tells me to stay away from JAB and MW so I'll do my best ) Any other places in this price range I should target? I'm assuming BB, Paul Stuart, etc. are all significantly more expensive. Of the three mentioned, is there one that's clearly better? Thanks!
What would be the AE equivalent for women's shoes/boots? Wife wants a pair of leather riding boots, but I can't stomach the thought of her paying $200 for Cole Haans..
Anybody have experience with the suede Ralph Lauren shoes such as the Sanderson or Slaton? (they're made by AE). Good choices or should I look elsewhere?
When does the RL/BB seconds sale end?
Does anyone know if AE also makes the Ralph Lauren Slaton's in suede? I know they make the leather Slaton, just need to confirm.
Not sure what's more difficult to comprehend, the fact that you make $200 a month or your intention to spend half a months salary on a single dress shirt.
May just buy the pants if really 100% wool...40 bucks for 100% wool pants? sounds good to me
maybe a couple inches longer on the sleeves to cover those terrible tattoos
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