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What would be the AE equivalent for women's shoes/boots? Wife wants a pair of leather riding boots, but I can't stomach the thought of her paying $200 for Cole Haans..
Anybody have experience with the suede Ralph Lauren shoes such as the Sanderson or Slaton? (they're made by AE). Good choices or should I look elsewhere?
When does the RL/BB seconds sale end?
Does anyone know if AE also makes the Ralph Lauren Slaton's in suede? I know they make the leather Slaton, just need to confirm.
Not sure what's more difficult to comprehend, the fact that you make $200 a month or your intention to spend half a months salary on a single dress shirt.
May just buy the pants if really 100% wool...40 bucks for 100% wool pants? sounds good to me
maybe a couple inches longer on the sleeves to cover those terrible tattoos
I don't think you can use two of the LS deals in the same transaction.So basically its 4 for 150, no tie, vs 4 for 160, with a tie.
40 dollar shirts + a free tie is a pretty good solid deal. now if only they would honor that deal in store so I wouldn't have to pay shipping and wait two weeks...
matching watch strap to shoes and belt for an interview? my god what have we become
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