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I don't have any means of *exact* measurement, but here's what's posted on Context's website: Waist: 27 (Not entirely sure about this, as I'm about a 29 and these fit perfectly fine without any trouble, the fit is just tighter than what I'm looking for.) Rise: 9.25 Thigh: 10 Knee: 7 Leg opening: 6.25
Literally just got these from Brigade last week. Worn them a couple times and just can't get along with the tight jean-thing anymore. Just trying to get some money to replace these with a pair that's more forgiving. Some honeycombs are starting up on the backs of the knees, but no real permanence and NO fading. These are not hemmed, either, so they're effectively brand new!
Only worn a handful of times. Never treated, no box. PM for details, thank you!
These are still available for sale or trade!
Up for trade I've got some Alden Roys that I bought off of this forum from the user Mr. Moo. They're obviously in slightly worn condition, but there are no tears or anything catastrophically wrong with these boots. I'm just selling them because I don't need them anymore. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'm looking to get $280 shipped in the Continental US for these, but make me an offer and I'll consider. My eBay username is 'cuocoblack' if you want to see...
I probably should have edited this post earlier and stated I had already replaced these, I'm just trying to sell them now. Thanks for the offer, however!
No problem, thanks for your interest!
As far as I know, the measurements are the usual, listed here. Definitely makes sense, as I can barely get these buttoned up and they're way too tight on me all over. Inseam's definitely closer to 33" Unfortunately, I don't have measuring tape to get you exact measurements, but I wear PS in a 26 and the size comparison on the Context site definitely would make sense, as I had a hard time taking these jeans on and off. Thanks...
I've got a pair of brand new APC New Standards in black up for sale or trade. I thought the fit would be right, but they're way too tight on me, so I'm trying to sell them and replace with some Uniqlos. There's probably five or six days of wear on them, really light honeycombs and whiskers, no wallet fades.
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