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Collar looks great, so while we're at it can I ask for collar details/ order number too? Would also be great if the lucky owner would post a picture wearing it too. Agree with poster above the Roma is just a bit too big for me.Thanks!
Luxire can probably copy your girlfriend if you'd like, so interlining should be a child's game. Just ask for it.
Think I might have asked this before, but any grey/white university stripes dress shirt fabrics, Luxire? (think the answer was no last time, but with the albini book now available maybe that has changed) Exactly like this, but not an oxford. Thanks! http://custom.luxire.com/products/grey-university-stripes-oxford
Assume we can't use the store credit gift card for this?
The answer to all questions like this is yes. Customize the hell out of it. what's the point of the tab? I would think looks very gimmicky on a white (or any other color for that matter) dress shirt. Similar to this double collar nonsense.
That was probably me. I actually just asked Luxire to tweak my normal shirt measurements to the best of their judgement and it turned out just fine. I would have liked it slightly longer, but that was the only measurement I provided myself so totally my own fault.
Got a fraud meermin email this morning. It's so obviously fraud that I doubt anyone will go for it, but in case it hasn't been mentioned here, thought I should let you know.
I'm guilty. Didn't know it was an issue. Been waiting for a bespoke shirt I wanted to copy and placing a larger order based on that. Receives the first email from Luxire this morning. Hope it works if I send in the shirt next week. Can discuss over email.
Still waiting to hear from Luxire on that collar pls...
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