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Haha, so true. You have to commend PPs loyalty. But hey, as long as you can find what you want among David's fabrics, I see little reason to look elsewhere.And thanks for spoilering those ties , PP. I of course had to sneak peak only to quickly shield my eyes from the unsoporofic glare.
Looks great. Definately much better than new Rey. Looks very similar to c&j348 which is my second favorite last after gg tg73. suspect I will be adding more meermins to the existing collection now.Keen to hear fit comparisons with olfe/ama especially wrt instep.
I've found light grey very hard to use. Have a herringbone wool which really only work with white but is too informal to wear with white shirt business outfits. My silver grwnadine is great though for a formal look with white shirt. For navy and blue I agree with your suggestions (less pink and purple than the others). I find myself reaching for my (only) brown ground neat tie more than any other tie.
.I don't agree that a dark grey/charcoal tie wouldn't be versatile. I think a charcoal wool goes great with most suits and shirts. Maybe not a grenadine, bit charcoal ties with surface structure rock. I find myself having too many blue ties because I usually wear navy suit and light blue shirt.
Done normally post here but figured I give it a try today when wearing something more experimental than my standard navy suit, light blue shirt beats tie outfit. Casual Friday at work. Realise I'm mixing some summer and winter materials. Greenish tweed jacket, linen shirt, shantung tie, cream flannel trousers, brown adelaides.
+1. White shirt with aggressive cutaway is a formal shirt that don't work well with your overall casual outfit. I only wear button downs with sweaters. ( not that this is the only correct shirt, but I tend to only buy formal f2f cutaways or less formals bds). I would also check that tie knot. Looks too big/ not tigtened enough.
Yea or nay on wearing Prince of Wales trousers with a SC? I have a POW suit and thought about wearing the trousers with a navy SC, but never dared. Fabric is heavy worsted wool, I wouldn't try the jacket as a SC (DB 6x4).
I don't disagree with that, merely stating a personal preference. I think anything between 2.75 and 3.75 is fine and within the realms of classic style. I don't agree that skinny guys should wear sub 2.5 inch ties. Another important aspect less discussed is the tapering of ties. Aggressively tapered ties appear very old school in a bad way.
TThat's what I settled on for my hobers. 8cm is drake standard, but they also have skinnier 6 and 7 cm. Too fashiony for me, apart perhaps for knits which can be slightly skinnier. 3.75"/9.5cm reminds me if the 80s.
II have the same from linkson jacks bespoke service. It's a great tie, especially for weddings, but you can really only wear it with navy suit and white shirt as PP does. It need the high contrast to work.
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