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^right collar looks wrinkled - straight out of box? What lining is it - light unfused?
Some pics of Luxire shirt (pale blue summer chambray) and pents (luxire off white linen) from the office photo booth.I think trousers look more tapered than they are because of camera angle.
Also specified that link and received a more aggressive shirring. Fine on back but shoulders on the verge of looking feminine.
That and all the girls that flock to admire it...
I do believe certain countries (Canada and Switzerland for example) no longer have the 25usd option. UK and the couple of other EU countries still have the 25 option (actually the only option).
Shirt and pants arrived today (19 days after order placement). Will post some pics after washing and ironing. Very happy overall with both shirt and pants (based on samples sent in and tweaked). Two mistakes I think Luxire did is shirt length - had requested +3 inch and measures around +1 inch and I requested slanted trouser hem which wasn't done, but I know this can be difficult to achieve with cuffs. The standard MOP buttons look very white against a blue shirt,...
Not sure if that was in reposbe to me or not, but the factory sale is a much deeper discounted sale in their workshop only. Last year a good range of ties sold for 3 for £90
Anyone knows if and when there will be a factory sale at the London Haberdasher street location like last year (22 July)? Was a great sale and don't want to miss out.
This got me checking my ss linings. My last one has bemberg jacket lining and 60/40 viscose/poly trousers lining. Pretty sure sleeves are the same as trousers. one of my 3y old has 100 poly, so yes no way they take sleeves into account, but this is getting overkill IMO. Fwiw I haven't notices any difference in breathability between my various lined trousers, so wouldn't worry about it.
What did you expect instead? Silk runs hot (and more expensive), cotton is not really used as lining (think it would run hot ans not be good lining), some use bemberg (a cellulose composite) which is arguably better than poly. Don't think half lined poly will add much heat.
New Posts  All Forums: