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@leetpuma Reading your post on installing toe taps yourself has me intrigued. I think it would be a valuable resource for people if you could submit a short guide and some pics of the process/results. I'd imagine it can't be too difficult to do and many cobblers (and some shoemakers as we've seen) do a so so job. Where do you buy. them, do you use screws nails etc? I think many people would find it helpful. Thanks!
Hard to tell those hoves (gorgeous btw) are mh71 and not tg73. - I think it's all the stitched toe details. Looking at the arrans posted a few pages back it a so obvious they're mh71. For me tg73 is the best rtw last out there.
@luxire is the blue university stripes oxford out of stock? Any ETA on restock? Thanks!
Nice - collar specs? And some fit pics perhaps?
I'm waiting for a few days, but had a complicated fit question, so expect it to be slow (as stated here by Luxire before). Terra, what are you still doing in this thread? I thought all your complaints about Luxire had made you move your custom elsewhere.
8.5E. Dean thought they would stretch and also offered to stretch them for me so think I'm holding on to them. The Mrs loves them for some reason...
Sleeves look too long. I like the New York slim fit for the body length, but had to wash mine in 60 degrees C for a good fit. I'm normally not a fan of white shirts, but a white OCBD is the only thing I can wear with some of my lighter (grey) casual ties.
Very quiet. Had a chance to chat with Dean G and Justin. This morning was just crazy. An hour queue for me.
Went back this evening to a more organised room. Still a fair bit left so worth droppping by if you're in London. Even managed to find another pair for myself. May die them black. Did that with my stained sinatras to great satisfaction.
.Bar tack at lacing cut through the leather. Dean offered to see a replacement one just above it.
New Posts  All Forums: