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I and a lot of people here go for cuffs on everything but tuxedo trousers. Traditionally considered more casual, but no hard rules.
Wearing mine today too in a similar wash. turned out great.
Shirt sleeves look too long, with material bulching around your wrists. It's a pretty generous fit as well, personally I would like it tighter. Luxire is more qualified to suggest measurement improvements that any of us here so would email them if you havent already.
With fish tail back you mean? Haven't seen any here, at least not for a long time.
[quote name="LuxireStudio";">Consists of standard extended closure, side metal adjusters, front slant pocket, button fly and 2″ functional bottom cuffs. [/quote] Ooh, could be mine... Edit: the mid grey Fox flannels. But can't see the pleats so maybe not...
Got it. Doesn't look as curved but maybe I have them mixed up, nvm. Looks good though!
It does not look like Nobd1 collar though.
Yes recall seeing that earlier in this thread.
I think those are the trial pairs.
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