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Isn't it a bit too busy? Suspenders and side adjusters and two button superwide waistband and double pleats? I would at least have skipped the side adjusters.Great fit though.
I have something very similar in olive linen coming this week. Didn't even think to specify lining - hopefully Luxire will make the appropriate choice. I want it to be breathable but maybe it needs the structure in the chest.
Agree on this. From an EU customers perspective the $25 flat fee is favourable (don't know what you economics look like) and I would think you couldn't get away with both custom and VAT. 1 has some value, 2-4 barely any. Better focus on website, products and turnaround time.
Thanks for inputs. Decided on 0512 - expecting 3.5m of it tomorrow.
With a global shipping company like FedEx? Find that hard to believe. I guarantee you that you won't have a problem with FedEx anywhere in Europe.
They FedEx everything to Europe customs inclusive, so don't see how polish mail system matters at all.
If you don't hear for me it means I failed miserably 😃
Bleach (more effective but also more damaging) or surgical spirit and only on the non-moving parts of the leather like toe and heel. Also if you use bleach you need to wash in clean with water and ware for it to dry to see full effect. Bleached leather also soaks up color so work very slowly with acrylic brush without too much dye on it. They don't work with grey dye (Avel/saphir doesn't carry it - tarragon does but GG doesn't work with that).If I can't get the effect I...
Call me crazy but I'm going to attempt a DIY bleached black deco finish on the vintage pine chesters I picked up at the sample sale. Had a chat with the new GG patina artist, who was most helpful.
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