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Thanks, nothing in cotton?
Bump @luxire
I have it as pants. Irish type heavy linen (still wrinkles obviously but not as bad as some light weight stuff). Not see through at all. Think it could definately work as as a suit (personally less excited about it as an odd jacket)
Was inspired by this pic of Foo to try out a grey/white university striped shirt. Any thoughts on where I can find a similar for CMT)? Looking for poplin or similar (not an oxford) On another note (maybe not the right thread for it, but usually get great responses here) I'm looking to replace a good half of my shirt wardrobe as my old, mostly RTW shirts, have finally started to wear out. I'm pretty much covered on the OCBD front, so what I need is dress shirts to be...
Luxire, any chance you can source a non oxford dress shirt fabric similar to your grey/white university stripes oxford? Thanks
Here's a better pic of some frescos. I think the 0512 is the mid-grey you referenced (you can see the number in the luxire url). It's considerably lighter than luxires picture, but as was pointed out, minnis swatches are your best bet.
Great fit. Don't think I've seen double forward pleats before.
Or Luxire is just following in the footsteps of the great Austro-Hungarian tradition...(Vass Budapest last)
+1 on saphir on all products I've used (haven't used woly). If you want to do real patina work, rather than just subtle cream polishing, saphirs dyes are industry standard too. I've dabbled with them myself to reasonable success. Would not used them on pebble grain or other textured leather though.
Apologies if this has been addressed before, but how is the fit of SkoABs stained trees for GG TG73? Thanks
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