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Thanks - it's more or less that one, but with pocket style inspired from the budds safari jacket featured on permanent style. Order #8549 if anyone's interested.
I did, but with DHL (piggybacking my company's corporate rate), which obviously is reliable and arrived in less than 48h. No experience using royal mail. Think someone in this thread previously sent with normal mail - it arrived but took 4 weeks or something. But doesn't Luxire offer prepaid shipping to India now at decent rates? Would go with that.
A couple of action shots of my recently delivered safari jacket in olive linen on its inauguration trip to Bangkok. Really happy with how not turned out. Could have been a few inches longer but that's my own fault. It doesn't wrinkled as easily as some of my linen pants, but also wears quite warm.
Hear hear. That's my favorite makeup for suit pants too. Haven't worn a belt with suits for years. With odd jacket I'm divided.
I wish Just because you can doesn't mean you should. We all get excited by the intimate customization possibilities offered by Luxire at affordable prices, but sometimes less is more. No offense meant to Ammanati, those are one pair of dandy pents. And I will probably get a brown canvass pair similar to those made for EFV - to me the conservative fabric there toned down the agressive styling.Olive linen shirt jacket waiting for me when I arrive to my in-laws in Malaysia...
Isn't it a bit too busy? Suspenders and side adjusters and two button superwide waistband and double pleats? I would at least have skipped the side adjusters.Great fit though.
I have something very similar in olive linen coming this week. Didn't even think to specify lining - hopefully Luxire will make the appropriate choice. I want it to be breathable but maybe it needs the structure in the chest.
Agree on this. From an EU customers perspective the $25 flat fee is favourable (don't know what you economics look like) and I would think you couldn't get away with both custom and VAT. 1 has some value, 2-4 barely any. Better focus on website, products and turnaround time.
Thanks for inputs. Decided on 0512 - expecting 3.5m of it tomorrow.
New Posts  All Forums: