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Drakes annual factory sale is happening today, tomorrow and Saturday at their factory shop on Haberdasher street. Prices have gone up a bit compared to prior years, but still good value at 3 ties for £120 (was 90 last year). Good selection of ties and scarves, even though you start recognising the old stock they put on sale every year. Knitwear, shirts and outerwear is sparse and in large sizes.
Did we ever get an answer to what collar that is?
I was under the impression you choose lining (soft/medium/hard) and either unfused or fused. Not medium fused and soft interlining. I go unlined for ocbd and think I will go soft fused for dress shirts.
Looks good. What lining did you specify? I had soft ununfused on a Skye blue dress shirt previously, and its just too wrinkly.
Thanks. I was stupid. Note the fine print that code is only valid for 1500 gift card (it will work for lower but will be cancelled).
Gift card code not working for me. Do I enter the blackfriday2014_gc in the gift card code field?
This is called toe spring and currently low toe spring (the toe very close to the ground) is very much in vogue with the high end makers. Looks more elegant IMO.
Awesome suit color. Pity I have enough blue suits at the moment.
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