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Hi, Has anyone visited this place ? If it is worth the trip, I will be looking for an Isaia suit there. Anyone knows the prices ? Also, does anyone know how much would a taxi cost, only to get back to Napoli from there ? Many thanks
Hi, I have a LBM 1911 NWT 100% Cotton suit, bought in Italy. This suit is quite nice because it has a washed effect and is unstructured. This is LBM 1911's style. LBM 1911 is produced by Luigi Bianchi Mantova and is really top quality. You'll see lots of details and a really great finish. Shipping worldwide, please ask for shipping prices. Size is EU 50R / US 40R Measurements (I am not used to it, so if it seems strange, tell me please) : chest : 52.5cm /...
Hi, I sent you a PM 11 days ago... did you get it ? Thanks
Hi, sent you a PM 5 days ago, still no answer. Are these sold ?
Pediwear says about the Grenson Rose collection : "This is the pinnacle of shoemaking. The finest calf leathers and suedes,the very best soles and the ultimate in hand polishing and finishing. This collection is true English shoe making at its best, authentic and totally without compromise." They truly are, the leather, the soles, the stitches, everything is perfect. If you want more pictures, let me know.
A pair of new Grenson Charles from the Rose collection, in size UK7.5 F (US8.5) with dustbags and two spare pairs of laces (one brown and one black) They are beautiful, but too small for me (I thought that Grenson would fit like Barker, but they fit true to size. ie my crockett&jones, alfred sargent are all size UK8) This is a real bargain. I am open to a trade for equivalent new shoes, send me pictures. Keep in mind that these are worth approx. 400 EUR (~570 USD). Don't...
Very very nice write-up !
Well said However, the ones which are sold at Boggi in Switzerland are made in India and Romania. I didn't know they moved production to China...
How much are they worth ?
The links to more information are here, sorry : Piacenza Lubiam
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