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Hermes bespoke garments are made by Camps de Luca.
Trunk show starting in New York, Wednesday at Leffot, then Thursday and Friday at the Benjamin Hotel in Midtown.
May be you should, sir, as an Etonian.
Bergdorf, Tincati.
I am sure in the very near future, EG in London would jack up the price yet again so that there would be much less discrepancy between the price in the US and the UK.
It is too late for that. I think neither Leffot nor EG want to further deal with this crap.
He is sour with G&G because he was rejected to purchase a bulk to sell on his online store.
If you are not happy with them, return them for a refund.
Would you please show the details of the double stitching on the linen coat if it is not too much to ask?
The top linen coat, is it a bit uncomfortable when you wear long sleeve shirts inside? Too much friction? Did you specify to be made as such? The tan tropical: the flap pocket details, I think it is quite typical in Naples. I have seen that detail on some RTW Borrelli and Attolini half lined jackets. Charming detail for the summer.
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