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Those are beauties Ed.
That is a great discount. I ordered several shirts through the MTM program several years ago. I think I received one free after ordering 5.
I agree with CYstyle. I think that once you wear your MTM it may be hard to wear the JAB suits.
Gorpoman - you may want to try eBay or the buy/sell forum and look for Polo blue label jackets. They are made by Corneliani and have unpadded shoulders.
Citan - I like the tweed and shetland combo. I wish it were cold enough to wear down here.
I have had my alterations tailor shorten several ties for me and have happy with the results, but it was not cheap.
gdl - that tie is a beauty. I need to get around to placing another order from Sam Hober. I have a dark green lined up for purchase.
I am curious as the rationale for your change to spread and button-down collars over the forward point. I think the forward point looks good in the picture you posted.
I suggest you consider Kashi cereal as an alternative. Tastes better and accomplishes same result.
New Posts  All Forums: