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Impressive tie collection and very artful knots. Well done.
I wear light blue shirt with grey trousers and brown shoes frequently and thinks it looks better than a white sirt.
The Strand does look better. I have PAs as well and do find them to look a bit stubby as well. Seeing them side by side with the Strand and the shorter cap helps illustrate the issue.
Looking good UC. Is that flannel?
I hope it has a bit less than the Douglas. I may consider the Cambridge when I order suit.
Interesting news. I noticed on the sketch that the point to point is 18.5 inches. Does this measurement stay constant or does it adjust as the size of the coat goes up and down?
I second the Hober recommendation. You can see the many fine examples on the Hober Apprecication thread.Shortening the length of your existing ties is a viable option. I have had good results with having my local tailor shorten the length of several ties but it was a bit costly.
Those are beauties Ed.
That is a great discount. I ordered several shirts through the MTM program several years ago. I think I received one free after ordering 5.
I agree with CYstyle. I think that once you wear your MTM it may be hard to wear the JAB suits.
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