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^^ I agree. I have started wearing braces again with regularity and remove my jacket when I get to my office. I think wearing my jacket all day in the office would make me stand out more than wearing braces.
Is there a guide somewhere to the different models? I looked on the website and did not see anything.
Nick - I love the tie. Would you mind sharing the source?
I don't think they are too high at all, but I prefer a higher rise myself.
I have not received shipping confirmation for my 12/26 order yet. I am jealous of those who have already received their orders.
In my experience the BB OCBDs shrink quite a bit. I do wash them at home and put them in the dryer. I usually order up a half neck size and a sleeve size.
I generally do it myself, but I will use Nordstrom shoe shine service if I am at Northpark Mall. They only charge $2.50, but it is the best shine I have experienced,
I can't wait to see a picture of the shoes with the gloves.
^^ Thanks.
Does voile work well in the summer?
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