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I take off my jacket when I arrive and hang it in my office. I put on the jacket if I leave the office and will put it on for a meeting with clients or other third parties, but not my coworkers.
I subscribe to your philosophy NYBuck. I could probably wear a coat and tie instead of a suit to work most days, but I prefer a suit.
I disagree that the forward point is more formal than the Ainsley. I would suggest that the formality is equal, although others may assert it is the Ainsley which is more formal. The choice may depend upon how you think each looks on you. Some look better with an Ainsley and some may look better with a forward point. The other consideration is whether you wear a tie to work and the bar and which collar looks better with and without a tie. I personally do not like the...
I had the builder take the height of a standard drawer and cut in half to make two drawers. I fold the ties and lay them in the drawers.
Well said. I tend to more of a CBD look for this reason as well. While I like to believe I am very good at what I do and it should not matter what I wear, that is certainly not reality. I believe a conservative approach to dress does make a difference, particularly within the area of law I practice and client demographics.I really like your choices gdl.
I think January is a bit early. I usually wait until Easter and put in away mid to end of September.
I like the color combination sugarbutch.
If emptym is Bob who is Spud?
I am hoping that jackets will be available soon.
I voted for satisfied at this time. I have given up on RTW shirts since I know they will not fit and MTM can be ordered for comparable pricing. I am happy with some RTW suits in that I know that the only alterations will be to the sleeve and slight adjustment to waist.
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