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Well said. I tend to more of a CBD look for this reason as well. While I like to believe I am very good at what I do and it should not matter what I wear, that is certainly not reality. I believe a conservative approach to dress does make a difference, particularly within the area of law I practice and client demographics.I really like your choices gdl.
I think January is a bit early. I usually wait until Easter and put in away mid to end of September.
I like the color combination sugarbutch.
If emptym is Bob who is Spud?
I am hoping that jackets will be available soon.
I voted for satisfied at this time. I have given up on RTW shirts since I know they will not fit and MTM can be ordered for comparable pricing. I am happy with some RTW suits in that I know that the only alterations will be to the sleeve and slight adjustment to waist.
^^ I agree. I have started wearing braces again with regularity and remove my jacket when I get to my office. I think wearing my jacket all day in the office would make me stand out more than wearing braces.
Is there a guide somewhere to the different models? I looked on the website and did not see anything.
Nick - I love the tie. Would you mind sharing the source?
I don't think they are too high at all, but I prefer a higher rise myself.
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