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I am wearing some suede captoes today I probably purchased 14 years ago. They are not worn with great frequency, but have held up very well for me. I would not hesitate to spend $500 on suede shoes again.
I usually wear a sport coat or navy blazer and sometimes a tie. There are very few men in either suits or coat and tie at the two Catholic churches I attend regularly.
Good for you.
I took in some jackets to my tailor to have lining removed and he said it wouldn't work for that reason. The heat was brutal last summer.
I say gray nailhead. Sounds like an ambitious project for Netflix. Good luck.
Do you offer RTW seersucker or is it MTM?
gdl - Who makes your shirts? I really like the collar.
The new camera works well. Those are some beauties.
The jacket does look good. I have a few different Polo I and II jackets and suits and most do have shoulders like the jacket pictured. What exactly do you mean by wonky shoulders?
WiseMen - Where was the trunk show in Dallas?
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