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While I agree with your comment that the jacket is not to be removed and the suspenders not seen, it is fairly commonplace to remove jackets upon entering the office. I will put mine back on for client meetings or to go outside of my building, but do walk around the office without a jacket while wearing suspenders.
I believe Southwick makes the Pressidential line of suits and Jackets (top line) and that Cohen makes the other lines.
Looks good Spoo. I really like the shade of blue in the tie. I also didn't realize Kent Wang offered MTM suits.
42 here and proudly wear tassel loafers. I have two pair of Alden BB tassels in the rotation now, but started wearing them in college.
I am wearing some suede captoes today I probably purchased 14 years ago. They are not worn with great frequency, but have held up very well for me. I would not hesitate to spend $500 on suede shoes again.
I usually wear a sport coat or navy blazer and sometimes a tie. There are very few men in either suits or coat and tie at the two Catholic churches I attend regularly.
Good for you.
I took in some jackets to my tailor to have lining removed and he said it wouldn't work for that reason. The heat was brutal last summer.
I say gray nailhead. Sounds like an ambitious project for Netflix. Good luck.
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