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I use whatever stays are provided in the shirt when purchased.
I suppose the habits become laughably excessive when one shows to court to file personal bankrupcty sporting the EG shoes he purchased on credit. For myself, I try to set a rough budget for clothing expenditures and then look at my need/want list and plan accordingly. Spending $1,000 on a pair of EGs might be possible in the budget, but would mean a substantial deferral of other items on the list. I then try to purchase quality items within the budgeary constraints. ...
It looks quite nice.
I only wear gunboats with flannel or corduroy.
I suspect you may be referring to broadcloth, which BB does carry. You may want to try a few stores which carry shirts to find the fabric. Once you have identified the fabric, you can then investigate makers.
While I agree with your comment that the jacket is not to be removed and the suspenders not seen, it is fairly commonplace to remove jackets upon entering the office. I will put mine back on for client meetings or to go outside of my building, but do walk around the office without a jacket while wearing suspenders.
I believe Southwick makes the Pressidential line of suits and Jackets (top line) and that Cohen makes the other lines.
Looks good Spoo. I really like the shade of blue in the tie. I also didn't realize Kent Wang offered MTM suits.
42 here and proudly wear tassel loafers. I have two pair of Alden BB tassels in the rotation now, but started wearing them in college.
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