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I am fond of my medallion captoes and wear them mostly with odd trousers, cords, and flannel suits.
ROT- I like both of the looks you posted. The brown tie looks especially good and reminds me I need to add a brown tie to my want list.
Does the prohibition against squares with small dots apply if wearing and odd jacket or blazer without a tie?
Would a lighter shade blue tie work as well?
CEP - those are some nice contributions. I really like #4.
gdl - are all of your squares silk or do you have linen as well? I like the way they look.
I use whatever stays are provided in the shirt when purchased.
I suppose the habits become laughably excessive when one shows to court to file personal bankrupcty sporting the EG shoes he purchased on credit. For myself, I try to set a rough budget for clothing expenditures and then look at my need/want list and plan accordingly. Spending $1,000 on a pair of EGs might be possible in the budget, but would mean a substantial deferral of other items on the list. I then try to purchase quality items within the budgeary constraints. ...
New Posts  All Forums: