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Just put in my first order. I eagerly await delivery. I really like the layout of the site.
Greg - what are the dimensions on the ties?
I much prefer burgundy. I find there is a richness to the color as compared to brown in the shell.
The interactive photo is cool and the suits look fantastic. Will trousers be flat front or pleated?
The wallet is tempting. I am sure that the site will be a great success. Looking forward to the launch.
I prefer the shape of No. 1 myself and have several Mercers which produce something similar. I like the more bell shape roll. have an older BB which produces a more pronounced version of No. 4 with the collar more collapsed around the tie which I do not find as desirable.
I cannot comment on the quality of Drake's knit ties, but I love my Paul Stuart knit and find it superior to knits from BB, J. Press, and RLPL.
^^^ That is quite nice. I really like the tie.
I don't think they look baggy at all. Get them cuffed an you are good to go.
Quite unfortunate. I was thinking of ordering a pair at the year end sale.
New Posts  All Forums: