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Have you washed the shirts yet? I have found that the BB oxfords shrink quite a bit if you put them in the dryer. My guess is that they may benefit from a bit of shrinkage.
Six suits does seem a bit light if you wear them everyday. Another factor is seasonality and whether or not you want to add flannels for the winter and lighter weights for the summer which can increase the wardrobe substantially.
I have tried no cuff for a change of pace, but find I prefer the look with cuffs.
Spoo - how do you find the fit of the pantas?
Great tie. Who made it?
Tony - It is AAAC's loss. I did enjoy reading your insights. I hope to use your online services for a suit at some point.
That is truly impressive.
Lufty - Like the collar bar.
Southwick H. Freeman Mercer
I have found black to look the best.
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