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I use some hangers now, but plan to use a draw and roll them.
Congratulations on the new venture. Unfortunately no room in the budget for next pair of shoes until year end, but very interested.
BBC - He seems to have a large collection of sack suits in the wardrobe with an appreciation for the classic look.
I enjoyed the post quite a bit. They have an impressive operation. Thanks for sharing.
I have a few emblematics. They are a nice change some days and work well with more casual suits. I am not a particular fan of the polo shield emblematics. There are quite a few sources for different types of emblematics. Good luck in your search.
The jacket looks like it pulls a bit on the right side near the buttoning point, but otherwise looks good.
I am not a native Texan, but have come to appreciate cowboy boots. I only wear them occasionally, but find them quite comfortable and not any more hot than other choices of footwear in the summer heat.
I believe he has sent daily updates in the past, even when traveling. I do miss the updates as well.
I just picked up a Southern Tide polo shirt. I think quality is slightly superior to RL and Lacoste and the fit is a bit more trim than the others. I am not familiar with the other brands.
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier Now, I strive for a subtle harmony. Still working on that. A very laudable goal.
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