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I preferred the older format myself.
3 miles today in 100 degree heat. I can't wait for fall.
I only have two white shirts in my rotation with one fc and one barrel. I agree with the thoughts about white shirts and formality and will replace the barrel cuff with an fc when the barrel shirt wears out.
http://www.bensilver.com/The-Westmin...ede,11391.html These are some of my favorite shoes.
I agree. Very good post.
Gdot - In addition to the trouser length, the jacket looks like it may be a touch to snug.
I think a camel hair blazer is a bit too casual for a wedding, especially if the dress is supposed to be semi-formal/formal. That being said, the terms semi-formal and formal seem to have a varied meaning these days. You might want to call the bride or groom and get an idea of expectations.
There is a consignment store on Oak Lawn (whose name escapes me), which is near the Turtle Creek area which has some decent stuff. I don't know if it is a secret shop, but Stanley Korshak is near the Turtle Creek ares as well.
Same issue here and MTM is the solution.
If you like the shirt and a slim fit is not a option, an alterations tailor should be able to slim it down for you. I have had success with my alterations tailor doing so.
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