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Count me in for a MTM/MTO option.
I have a few pair of Dalton trousers myself. I like the double forward pleat as compared to the reverse pleat.
I have purchased 2 Mazzarelli shirts and hot washed on delicate and tumble dried. I was hoping to get a bit of shrinkage in the body before taking to my tailor to have sleeves shortened to avoid having to take in the body as well. It did seem to work for me.
Can the Calabrese briefcase also serve as a laptop bag?
Just ordered two of the Begg scarves for Christmas gifts and a Mazzarelli royal blue oxford and brown tubo belt for myself. Was very tempted to add the Vass suede oxfords, but fiscal discipline won.
Just put in my second order before the code expires. I look forward to many more.
Just put in my first order. I eagerly await delivery. I really like the layout of the site.
Greg - what are the dimensions on the ties?
I much prefer burgundy. I find there is a richness to the color as compared to brown in the shell.
The interactive photo is cool and the suits look fantastic. Will trousers be flat front or pleated?
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