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Does anyone know if Samuelsohn offers fresco as fabric option,
Frasier is one of my favorites. I think it is one example of the spinoff being better than the original show (Cheers).
If you scroll down the right hand side you should be able to click on the year and then month and access in that manner.
Do you have them unlined as well?
If I had to limit my wardrobe to one tie, it would be a toss up between that bar stripe and a navy grenadine.
Brad - shirt looks good. Is collar unlined?
What is the lapel width on the Eidos coats?
Tech - beautiful shoes. Can you share which last?
I have washed my Inglese shirts in hot water and put in the dryer in the hope of a bit of shrinkage in the body before taking to the tailor to have sleeves altered. I did notice a bit of shrinkage but nothing substantial.
Just received my third Inglese shirt earlier this week. My new favorite shirt is the Inglese Chambray, what a fantastic fabric. Normally, I am a button down collar man when not wearing a tie, but I wore the Chambray last night under a jacket and thought it looked great. I look forward to adding more to my wardrobe.
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