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What is the lapel width on the Eidos coats?
Tech - beautiful shoes. Can you share which last?
I have washed my Inglese shirts in hot water and put in the dryer in the hope of a bit of shrinkage in the body before taking to the tailor to have sleeves altered. I did notice a bit of shrinkage but nothing substantial.
Just received my third Inglese shirt earlier this week. My new favorite shirt is the Inglese Chambray, what a fantastic fabric. Normally, I am a button down collar man when not wearing a tie, but I wore the Chambray last night under a jacket and thought it looked great. I look forward to adding more to my wardrobe.
Just placed my first order for a Luxire shirt after reading through some of the posts on the thread. I am eagerly awaiting the results.
I planned on trying a Formosa flannel suit in the fall, but the wool/cashmere jacket is mighty tempting.
Thanks for posting the pics. I thought I made up my mind to purchase a Cantarelli jacket, but after seeing the Carmoshita suit in action, I am not so sure now.
Question on the Inis Meain color cards. I want to place an order for a solid navy. It looks like either the Ardee or, possibly, the Navan may be what I need. Can anyone offer insight?
Any plans to offer polo shirts for S/S?
I really like the Mazzarelli shirts and decided to try an Inglese and also ordered some of the raw denim jeans as well. Looking forward to receiving them later tonight.
New Posts  All Forums: