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I decided to give PC a try and used the custom sizing option rather than send in measurements. I went with a white broadcloth with the presidential spread and am very pleased with the fit. I just received my first PC shirt and was very pleased with fit and quality. Only quibble is the one of the MOP buttons broke after I washed it. I just placed a second order with the soft Ivy collar and made some minor tweaks to the fit.
I believe Christian at Ivy Style posted an update that Paul will be shutting down the MTM operation in the near future.
How about the trousers with the suits?
What is leg opening on Eidos trousers?
Does anyone have the Inglese cotton/linen blend shirt? I am wondering if it will hold up under a suit, oror if it will wrinkle too much.
PaulStuart offers a fantastic knit
GwargI would be happy to do so, but I have already deleted the bookmarks once I found they did not work.
I notices the old articles I had bookmarked are no longer available which is too bad. Will had some of most well written advice I have seen posted.
Count me in.
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