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Does anyone have the Inglese cotton/linen blend shirt? I am wondering if it will hold up under a suit, oror if it will wrinkle too much.
PaulStuart offers a fantastic knit
GwargI would be happy to do so, but I have already deleted the bookmarks once I found they did not work.
I notices the old articles I had bookmarked are no longer available which is too bad. Will had some of most well written advice I have seen posted.
Count me in.
Does anyone know if Samuelsohn offers fresco as fabric option,
Frasier is one of my favorites. I think it is one example of the spinoff being better than the original show (Cheers).
If you scroll down the right hand side you should be able to click on the year and then month and access in that manner.http://asuitablewardrobe.blogspot.com
Do you have them unlined as well?
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