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Quote: Originally Posted by tailorgod For a start: I don't hate drape and I don't hate A&S! I find it very disturbing that their supporters, one of them especially, always come up with such a strongly negative attitude. It's just that when you brag so much about what you do better than others it actually should be better and not the opposite! I dont hate drape either but find it to be a waste of time. Certainly the suit that the MD is...
Quote: Originally Posted by jobro Personally I find the 5-6 button vest with a tuxedo (or dinner suit) extremely tacky (even without the bunny prints). Secondly I dont think the scoop front vest can be beaten. That's fine as long as you realize that this is simply a personal view and there is nothing to stop other men with taste to wear a fancy silk waistcoat with a tuxedo in a 6 button model. I suppose the one comment this type of vest could...
Quote: Originally Posted by AlwaysDressed I just picked up these Paraboot Vigny at an unbelievable discount...they were originally $533 but I got them from Dallas Clothing store called Daniel Taylor Clothier for $108. They are all out of brown but they have 3 pair of black in smooth leather remaining. Size 9D, 9.5D, and 10D. besides the way they look, there is having to do all that buckling and unbuckling to look forward to.
Quote: Originally Posted by ferguscan Loafers are casual shoes. Has nothing to do with rules. They just look really casual. Do you wear sneakers with your suits? Even if they are casual shoes and lace ups should be worn to the office, a good wardrobe engineer is trying to recreate what is actually worn in the field, not what should be worn.
Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. The issue I have with it - though his stance is unlikely to bare any resemblance to reality - is that you'd have to be such a blow hard to believe it. The thought of saying anything remotely close to this would garner a sucker punch from anyone in the right mind. Its really quite unbelievable... Better men than you have tried. Honestly, there's no reason to get into a howl over this. I am accounting for...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum I think I'm beginning to see why Manton hates you so much. Oh yes, he is very jealous of me and I do shed light on his fronting.
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier ^ Penis envy. For him that comes in dog pecker pink
Quote: Originally Posted by newtrane I always thought this was Alex Kabbaz ... This lifting of images from my works without links is getting disturbing and may be stirring the style Gods to action. I dread that no good can come of this...
Quote: Originally Posted by haganah I have seen others - I just wanted to see if the finished product of that specific suit looked any different or if it was a hollow excuse. I have never seen a bad Corvato suit and there is nothing wrong with mine at the fitting.
Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel Not counting bowties and ascots, somewhere around 106, I think. A cutoff point of 51+ seems awfully low for a forum of serious sartorialists. I have so many that I almost literally couldn't store another one.
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