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Quote: Originally Posted by aportnoy And for dessert:
The technical details of a suit are a tailor's job. Any man who is not a tailor and wants to be considered a tailor, is a geek and further cannot possibly understand the overall picture of clothing and style. What's worse is when said geek doesnt even know what he's talking about and makes things up to boot.
Quote: Originally Posted by el grande tempo My thighs are meaty! - E
Quote: Originally Posted by Doxe Ha! That is rich coming from you. Your entire raison d'etre on the interweb is to criticize others, usually by reference to class (hopsack anyone?). It hasn't been but it may going forward; so, better hold onto your sock. Hey, class doesnt exist, that's why it doesnt bother you. Class in taste doesn't have a lot to do with money or where you were born but you would need to be on your prescription to...
Quote: Originally Posted by bengal-stripe I don’t know the individual, and for all I know the owner might have put on considerable weight after the suit was made (then of course the tailor is not to blame.) But any suit, cut like that for an overweight man (whose weight hasn’t changed) is a misjudgement and a misfit. Then the tailor is to blame, if if the client insisted on such a look. Even a slim man in his twenties, should not wear suits that...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum In that same way that some people can't get over the association of coloured/brocade vests with cheap prom black-tie? I couldn't agree more. Sweet
Ok, here's a thought. If Anderson and Sheppard have recently reinvented themselves, then what accounts for this awful fit? Can it be that the MD of the firm, whom I am sure is a marvelous person, can be so blind to the various shortcomings or can it be that the sort of customer he is used to either cannot see or doesn't want to see that the suit looks like modified rtw?
Quote: Originally Posted by asdf I'm not sure what nice or not-nice has to do with things, I was merely referring to your "i'm not gay and don't notice men's bodies so if anyone else comments on my physical appearance they must be gay" comment, and how it is found so closely followed by an objection to personal attacks. humorous, no? Not really, I am not singling anyone out. I simply find it uncomfortable how much certain members study mens...
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI Shouldn't Nino, being the master tailor that he is, take your shirt style into account when doing your fitting? I think he does take mine into account becaue my shirts work very well with my suits but it will still bulge in a pinned fiting without jacket lining. I dont know what Dr. Teplitz's shirt was on that given day.
Quote: Originally Posted by asdf .... Somewhat amusing that you mention personal attacks so soon after your brief appeal to homophobia. I agree that this thread should not be about sausage skins, but neither should it divert into the merits of the homosexualists, nor the safety of homophobia. Queue Vox with the "people on forums acting classy" bit.... Actually, I think gay men would be a lot nicer, and straight men wouldn't care. I think...
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