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Quote: Originally Posted by George I've occasionally seen the newscaster Mark Austin on news at Ten wearing Duchamp ties. John Sargent's another as are John Snow and David Dimbleby who chairs Question Time. They seem quite popular with those who work in media. This is Dimbleby Not sure if this is actually a Duchamp, but you get the picture. edit: Joshman beat me to it: Jon Snow also wears Victoria Richards ties which are hawt: Beautiful ties
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Yes, they are ugly as sin. Well, I am the Devil, after all
Quote: Originally Posted by joshman Before the credit crunch anyone who's anyone in London, certainly from Tony Blair to hedge fund guys to regional news presenters, wore Duchamp ties as an in thing. Well according to one guy in England, the second hand shops are positively brimming with unwanted Duchampers. I wish he would give a few addys of them so i could get some for the old collection.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bishop of Briggs Selfridges has the best selection - Drake's, Charvet and others. Drakes do make very nice ties and the owner is a good stick: Drakes ties
Quote: Originally Posted by joshman Designwise and colourwise, yes. I bet some of the so-called senior members here would say they are ugly in the extreme. Most of the silks are woven in England Because they have complexes but a lot of other members including many non posting readers love that sort of thing. And, many mainstream Americans love Duchamp ties.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bishop of Briggs I have a large selection of T&A ties. The knot, four in hand, is the right size for a typical English spread collar. They are well made but, in my recent experience, not quite as good as Drake's. Ede & Ravenscroft offers an excellent selection of Macclesfield silk ties. Ede doesnt really seem to sell them online though.
Quote: Originally Posted by joshman And Duchamp and Hermes. My two favourites. Although admittedly both aren't English. Duchamp is very English.
Quote: Originally Posted by joshman They used to make good ties (maybe by Drakes). Can't say the same about their newer offerings. I might be wrong but I don't think they make their ties in England anymore. The English dont seem to have that killer shop that sells a good variety of ties like Paul Stuart in the USA, or do they?
Quote: Originally Posted by joshman No, I'm being honest. It's sad really some of the people here can't handle the truth. Handle it? If you took a baseball bat labeled "Truth" and hit some of these guys in the chops with it, they wouldn't see it coming.
Quote: Originally Posted by joshman I don't want to comment on that suit cut again. All I want to know is who's that crafty photographer that made Hitchcock look like 8 feet giant. I'll pay top dollar to have him to take a protrait of myself.
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