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Quote: Originally Posted by JohnnyCrockett MA has a great future in pantomime. I much prefer the tongue-in-cheek clips like the 2x tilt hat one today to the pedantry of his original vids. With his new found fame, let's hope he doesn't lose his head...
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday But what if one were paired with oversized goldtone sailboats? Not gold, mind, but goldtone. And really, really big. More up your alley? You have to factor in all the possibilities. Lol, they were so cheap, they broke when I was first putting them in and I never even got to wear them but that'd pretty much be a perfect mate for the cutaway
I voted no but if they were paired with really cheap looking, plain cufflinks, I would vote VERY NO.
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI But for the boots, I kind of like this.
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman Just tryin' to keep it real, amazed you've managed to keep grayson from going off-message, he used to say some really unkind things to you whenever he was able to sock puppet his way back onto AKAC back in the old days. If dey was half as nasty as the things he wrote about you in PM, I'll bet they were awful indeed
Quote: Originally Posted by Film Noir Buff Hmm, I guess what I said about you got back to ya... Quote: Originally Posted by RJMan Just tryin' to keep it real, amazed you've managed to keep grayson from going off-message, guess he's on some new meds. Maybe he's even sharing a supply with someone ya know
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman LK's schtick is silly and a tad creepy, but Conne's most recent dumb threak joking about a serial rapist of old women crosses a line. Meanwhile, MC has turned into a surrogate forum of Film Noir Buff's site; what's funny is that the banned trolls and toadies sucking up to him don't seem to realize that he can't ban them from SF, so they can go back to mocking and insulting him the way they used to before he gave them...
Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. Unfortunately the GF isn't going to be around tonight so no pics with the stuff on - I'll take some detail shots in the meantime. Aww, I put a special shirt on in anticipation of this event
Quote: Originally Posted by joshman I believe T&A has their own tie making operation. That's according to the book History of T&A, written by none other than Nick Foulkes. I am saddened by it's lack of ready availability. Is it a good book?
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos Hello all, just picked up my 2nd bespoke jacket. Some background info: - Material is a JG Hardy linen (9256). Design is SB 2B notch lapel with slash chest pocket and patch hip pockets. - I wanted a lean, clean silhouette. No drape here (sorry guys). - I've had 3 fittings for my prior (the first) bespoke jacket, and just 1 for this one. - Was in a rush, so I picked this up from the tailor today without trying it...
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