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Quote: Originally Posted by joshman At least fnb's stripes are straight to the ground Apropos is simply proving the point I was making that few here understand tailoring. You can see the basting stitches, the lack of buttonholes and the shirt material through the wool.
Quote: Originally Posted by crazyquik Not breaking laws does not stand in the way of you being a villain in America. That's very well put. Quote: Originally Posted by crazyquik Surprised there are no comments about the double breasted vest yet. I couldn't make that out in the photo.
Quote: Originally Posted by Arrogant Bastard Everything really depends on how aware Gekko was of Fox's shady methods. Assuming Gekko knew what was going on and either accepted it or encouraged it, he's technically a co-conspirator and can be busted for it. The fact that (spoiler alert?) the Feds have Fox wear a wire to catch Gekko further implies that they've been trying to get Gekko for quite some time. Which implies that insider trading, etc., is...
Quote: Originally Posted by ohm My goal on the internet is to never post anything that will haunt me like this jacket has haunted FNB or the Moo in Socks picture has haunted Moo. I am very proud of this jacket.
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI It's apropos demonstrating that he doesnt know the difference between a first fitting (no lining, bound with pins) and a completed suit. Not to focus on him though, just about all of the posters in this thread do not know the difference.
Quote: Originally Posted by dv3 Did they have Flusser design Gekko's wardrobe again? According to FLusser's own website, the clothes from Wall Street I are still relevant and they should be able to use all the same clothes for him.
Quote: Originally Posted by asdf There is trading on inside information regarding bluestar, and straw-buying regarding the same...? That wouldn't get you 20 years in prison. I am also not sure that that was illegal in 1985. Disclosing information might have been illegal.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tomasso Boy this thread certainly separated expert from dilettante. Some of the posters give me the impression that they are discussing the merits of Shakespeare vs. Bacon without being able to read, write or ever having seen a performance. Now this first man may have recently seen a performance of a certain film (That, or the person taking the picture was 3 foot tall and he was merely trying to fit into the lens...
One interesting note is that Gekko really didn't break any securities laws in the first Wall Street film.
Quote: Originally Posted by George I think the old argument that black is too severe for buisness has passed, black suits are now everywhere, so, midnight blue wouldn't be a problem. It may not be considered optimal or correct by a clothie but most people you interact with wouldn't bat an eyelid. You could wear a Mohair blend if you aren't self-concious about the sheen, but it will look 'sharp' or worse even cheap as people tend to associate cloth that...
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