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Quote: Originally Posted by mack11211 Nice waist suppression! Pfft, dog boy is being kind, that's a shot of me before I started dating a girl whose family owns several bakeries. Might say I stepped in honey with that one...or, at least jelly filling. Ordinarily I would've actually had a jelly mustache but I used my pocket square to wipe it off, notice it is completely missing, accidentally inhaled I'm afraid.
Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. You actually leave the confines of your bunker and spend time in the real world? What a thought... BTW I grabbed a photo of you in the same elevator from the security feed. Nino cuts a fine suit. I was performing my famous "string dance" here.
Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. Brown on tan glencheck 13 oz tweed from the vintage vault. 3R2, patch pockets, half-lined with burgundy silk. I saw a lady in the elevator today wearing the same fabric with a matching skirt and a burgundy silk blouse. What are the odds? Do you ever wear your hair in a bun?
Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. Yes, in my haste of taking the photos I buttoned the wrong button. And you wanted us to see those spiffy buttons, you little Dickens You know...they look a bit like they were fashioned from a rawhide bone
Quote: Originally Posted by srivats You missed my point .. .why even look for it? Because like all disciples of Manson, he keeps a dossier and pretends he doesnt care. It's a cult thang. At least put the link in from here! We shouldn't spoil dog boy's moment to show us his inconsistently made and expensive stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by Caveat I have a bad habit of buying things that look cool in a vacuum, but don't go with my wardrobe and they end up at Goodwill. I got these Generic Man shoes from Gilt. They have me intrigued, but I'm not sure what to match them with. Suggestions? I think that donating these to good will could constitute abuse of the needy.
Should've known cutaways would be far in the lead; on a forum where balmoral boots are considered normal, even stylish.
Quote: Originally Posted by appolyon Urban dictionary's entry on 'suited and booted' By that definition, I should be wearing them
Quote: Originally Posted by appolyon I was always under the impression that wearing boots with a suit is fine. Hence the old term 'suited and booted'. Actually that is a contraction of 'Wear balmorals with a suit and make every observer boot".
Yeah, it'd be nice if some of the content nabbers could include a url to the original work
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