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Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel bill, you need to get a loud patterned jacket. Something really F.U.. That's inspired! And, if he were to get those rawhide buttons put on his FU jacket, he could also show how his tailor boned him.
Quote: Originally Posted by literasyme Nevermind your taste in clothes, you really are an odious creature. I believe if you are going to do something, you should do it well.
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel Bill, stuff looks great, not a fan of "fun" linings though. Please post fit pics. Nothing "fun" about those linings
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenStyle I'll get some at the weekend. They were subs at the C&J sale - was the only ones there. I was quite lucky I think. The people at C&J may feel the exact same way.
Quote: Originally Posted by knittieguy Exhibit A is really the class of the lot here, but I wouldn't consider it a cutaway. It's interesting that everyone is slamming the extreme cutaways in D and E (a la Keaton collar) because a a year or two ago everyone was all gaga over them. I don't have any of those, and they are kind of an affected look, I but don't have a problem with them in the right situation. Slamming? Have you looked at the...
Quote: Originally Posted by andas Working in Ibank in London, I have only seen americans using brown shoes to work except of fridays How many have you seen wearing those boots?
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl what's the real purpose of half lined? i don't get it. In his case, it would appear to be a hedge against appalling tastes in color/pattern Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing That patterned lining is very Holliday & Brown. Do you mean, Holiday Inn?
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma I am wearing pants that are about as tight as that portly fellow's stripped suit. My cock looks huge in them. I wanted you guys to know because I'm a classless homosexual-in-denial who doesn't understand how dressing like you're a 90s British I-Banker going to Vegas can be considered "upper". Funny, I've never been to Vegas and meeting a group of English for the first time a few months ago, they thought I...
Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. I-gent special. Drapers five star 11 oz fresco. 6x2 DB, patch pockets, light horn buttons, half-lined with tie silk. I have pants in the same fabric from Ambrosi if I wanted to wear as a suit. It may please you to know that I am giving up on the Fresco warnings. I remember a sociology lecture where it was theorized that the poor self-discriminate and punish themselves by avoiding the very services...
Quote: Originally Posted by Caveat Well, I could still return them. What don't you like about them? They seem pretty interesting to me. You mean they vendor would actually take these back? I would assume they've been trying to sell these since 1977. The toes are already curled off the ground and they havent ever been worn?
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