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Have you guys seen these? Theyre not ervell but are a similar style to the chunky derbies from a season or two ago.
I've not found the staff to be responsive. Questions I've asked have received responses like "it's a size 40", which clearly does me no good. Last season I purchased four xl shirts. All four of them had different arm lengths measuring from 25.5 to 27.5. You can't list garment dimensions when there is no consistency.
Orslow slim fit sateen U.S. army fatigue size 4. Worn lightly 3 times. $175.00 shipped U.S. Waist = 17.5" Inseam = 33" Rise = 15.25" Thigh = 13" Hem = 7.25"
Orslow French work pants size 4. I wore them around the house one morning otherwise brand new. Waist is variable. Fits 33"-36". $175.00 shipped in U.S. Waist = 16" Inseam = 33" Rise = 16" Thigh = 13" Hem = 8.25"
Strike Gold 5109. Hot soaked upon purchase. Worn four or five times. $200.00 shipped U.S. Waist = 36" Inseam = 33" Rise = 14" Thigh = 12.75" Hem = 8"
A little makeup and those are shots of the VIP section at an ICP show. Toe shoes and tevas is a fanta overdose if there ever was one… But actually, there's a lot I like about the collection, though not much I'd wear. It reminds me of the rust belt in the 90's…my blissful youth.
John Elliot Flash Dual Zip. Black w/ silver zippers. Size Large. Brand new, with tags. $150 shipped u.s. Message me with questions. I also have three XL curve U-neck t's grey, black, and moon, if anyone is interested.
Gitman Brothers Vintage linen popover from SS14. Size Large (Gitman's strangely large large) Nice and light. Very casual. Perfect for the beach. Been worn a half a dozen times but only lightly. Still in very good condition with no real signs of wear. $100 shipped u.s. Message me with questions. ptp = 24 shoulder = 20.5 back = 32 sleeve = 27
Engineered Garments pineapple print lafayette shirt from SS14. Size XL. Inside-out fabric, rounded collar, pineapples, super casual. I know I wore it once but that is it. Another very nice shirt in perfect condition. $130 shipped u.s. Message me with questions. ptp = 24 shoulder = 19 back = 30.5 sleeve = 9.5
Heavy Sugarcane chambray work shirt. Size XL. Somewhere around 8 oz. Triple needle. Stout buttons. I think I wore it one time. Still very stiff and needs to be worn in. $150 shipped u.s. Message me with questions. ptp = 22.75 shoulder = 20 back = 29.75 sleeve = 26
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