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Hi picked up these very unusual ray ban sunglasses never seen a pair like these before and can't find them on the net so was wondering if any body else has ever seen them and if they know how old they are etc. Something will.I.am would wear I guess. The arms are similar to luminous green. Cheers http://imgur.com/QItdxZL http://imgur.com/9W8VPBm
Hi I wonder if anyone can help me. I have had a number of Belstaff jackets models from 1980's upto the present day. I have approx 5 in total, more not counting sold ones and have just bought another one for the missus a waxed roadmaster (used) Italian made. However when checking it over I noticed the pop fasteners (pockets etc) look different to the ones on my other jackets, where as my others are slightly bevelled these are flat, they are inscribed Belstaff, brass and...
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