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Like the others, seller isn't responding to PM's (one a week ago, one yesterday) after saying it would be shipped out last month. His profile shows activity on the 6th, and I saw that he had been signing in frequently up until then. Pretty frustrating and not a nice start to posting here at the forum.
I know this isn't what you're looking for, but buy a pair of dress shoes as soon as possible. I can't think of any combination of sneaker and suit that would look passable, let alone the Nikes you posted. There's a reason everyone here's saying the same thing - it's one of the fundamental "don'ts" of menswear.
Seasons really affect me. Every winter I vow to only wear all-black, avant-garde pieces, and by early June I'm buying white suede Allen Edmonds and cardigans. But as I enter my 20s, my style's generally heading toward timeless items. I'm looking for well-made pieces whose construction and styling won't be outdated any time soon.
New Posts  All Forums: