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+70 = 19786
19232+ 70 =19302
3 sets of 15 = 45 +18974 = 19019
18834 + 30 = 1886442 years here. I don't know but I don't feel like doing pull ups by themselves anymore. I always do them integrated within my routine therefore my low numbers. I just don't have the patience to do 8 or 10 series with 2-3 minutes rest.
Another 30 on Tuesday 18365+ 30 = 18395
another 40 today + 40 = 17122
+30= 16970
The high quality felt used in competition that Rambo mentioned is not manufactured in China. It is either Spain - (Gorina) or Belgium (Simmons). If you play snooker (UK) Strachan Stroud is the cloth of reference. Although the cloth is called felt, in reality it is a blend of worsted wool and nylon (usually 85/15).China copies everything but his clothes are not used in competition billiard.Hope you have learned something please keep on looking and listening
No.Manton already mentioned on a previous post. The manufacturer is a Spanish company called Gorina.
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