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My tailor says that this is only made on a uncuffed trousers. Anyone know the reason behind this? I like it as I think that elongate your legs.
I always look at the following:1) Good year. I tried to look for the welt and stitching around the shoe.2) Blake/rapid. There is stitching around the shoe (looks like welted) but also inside of the shoe.3) Blake: There is stitching inside of the shoe4) Bologna: There is stitching inside of the shoe but it very close to the edge of the shoe.I know that this is very basic and quite intuitive but it works for me.Regarding the quality, Everybody defends Goodyear as the best...
Cheaney Imperial - BALMORAL
I feel bad. I also got the same. I thought i was the only one and that she was impressed with my previous 2 posts: one of them how to swear in Spanish and the second one a semi-naked brunette lady!
Why Grenson? I would personally put C&J and Trickers or Cheaney (Imperial range)
I found Sacoor similar to Boggi or Massimo Dutti in terms of style/design and quality of the product. However they are more expensive than those companies. In my opinion not worth the extra money.
Do you work at Kokos?
How can you remove tooth paste from a pair of wool trousers (without taking them to the cleaners) thanks in advance
Anything you want, mate. There is not dresscode for a camel race. It is very good fun. but is basically robotic jockeys racing camels for a very long distance. The distance they race is based on the age of the camel, and if I remember correctly there are around 4 to 5kms per race.
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