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Is your MTM tailor Absolute Bespoke? I have only seen this lapel shape in some of their suits
Magnanni: blake and bologna - Meermin: goodyear Maganni: Italian looking shoe - Meermin: English looking shoe. They are really nice patinas (Berlutti type) on last years collection from Magnanni. It is nice looking shoe but you must like their long lasts.
Can you please let me know the pattern reference reference for the fresco trousers? I like this colour very much. many thanks in advance.
that's nice? from where did you get it? El Corte Ingles?
My wife is from Philippines. I can get a yearly subscription to be sent to her parents home for only $85.00. In Dubai we have The Rake Middle East. It is sold at $10.88 per issue. It is basically copy and past from the Singaporean edition (60%) and the balance is local publishing. Not as good as The Rake Singapore,
6 miles Friday 5 miles yesterday
A few months is nothing, you need a minimum of 1 year of full consistent work. Basically you need to increase volume until you need to find confortable with 8-10 sets of 8-10 reps with 2.30 rest with that base you max will increase for sure.
I don't have a TOP 10, but my favorites are: Rocabar by Hermes Terre by Hermes Sartorial by Penhaligons Cacharel by Chacharel Esencia de Loewe and..... White Musk by The Body Shop
This overcoat is Cucinelli. 100% cashmere + EUR 4,000 retail in Spain
48452 + 96 = 48548
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