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Gaziano & Girling good starting bid
In 1997 Albaladejo sold Yanko to a Catalan family called Camps for the symbolic price of 1 peseta (anyone remember pesetas) The company was bankrupt at that time and had 190 employees. In 2005 Yanko was again in bad shape and had to declare in what Americans called chapter 11. The situation was a bit more complex than before as the company had purchased another company called Pielsa (manufacturers of boat shoes) the collateral for the money loaned by the banks to...
Any idea of the maker of these?
based on the pictures can anyone figure how old these shoes are? Any idea about the last? This is not a familiar one. Many thanks in advance.
is that calf or cordovan?
He has a blog It is in Spanish but you can see images of his work. this is his try on an unstructured jacket and some other pictures with more detail in here
Is your MTM tailor Absolute Bespoke? I have only seen this lapel shape in some of their suits
Magnanni: blake and bologna - Meermin: goodyear Maganni: Italian looking shoe - Meermin: English looking shoe. They are really nice patinas (Berlutti type) on last years collection from Magnanni. It is nice looking shoe but you must like their long lasts.
Can you please let me know the pattern reference reference for the fresco trousers? I like this colour very much. many thanks in advance.
that's nice? from where did you get it? El Corte Ingles?
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