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Bloomingdales US only or also international outlets?
49,765 + 60 = 49,825 I just added the 150 from akoustas.
Yanko, Lottusse, Barrats, John Spencer,Pertini, Cordwainer. George's, Sendra shoemaker. All these manufacture goodyear. Magnanni, Tallsem, Crowhill, premier club, calce.: blake or sachetto,
Mimo has painted a very grim picture that unfortunately is real. I think he is based in Oman. If I am correct I saw a picture of him in Muscat Airport. just a couple of additions/ corrections. Bespoke is the upmarket branch of Parmar Tailors. I never go there and I prefer to visit the Bur Dubai branch that it is cheaper. This is review from somebody that bought a suit in...
Marhaba GrotShopSpecial, I am afraid Middle East in a desert when it comes to tailoring. If you dont want to go to a tailor mall, (Zegna or Armani) Leonard Dogsdail has an outlet in an industrial state in Al Quoz. http://www.timeoutdubai.com/aroundtown/features/8850-leonard-logsdail Prices in the article are from 2009. There are a lot of tailors in Deira: I had tried Parmar, Santoba and Whistle and Flute as well as several others for alterations. Tailors here need a...
I visited the Souk Al Bakhar shop a couple of times but they don't do CMT so I have never used. However I quite like what I have seen there.
I have used Parmar a few years back. It was a one-off suit as I was not impressed with the cut: too much of an armoured suit with very low armholes. So I decided not to come back to them. Anyhow he is probably the best of the old Dubai tailors. I also tried Santoba and Whistle and Flute.I heard that Parmar for a canvassed suit they do first a muslin trial suit. May I ask How much they did charge you?Why don't you try Ascot and Chapels?...
Who did you use in Dubai? All fused suits in Dubai In Abu Dhabi I heard of http://bespokeitalia.ae but I've never visited them.
Gaziano & Girling good starting bid http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/221254849796?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649
In 1997 Albaladejo sold Yanko to a Catalan family called Camps for the symbolic price of 1 peseta (anyone remember pesetas) The company was bankrupt at that time and had 190 employees. In 2005 Yanko was again in bad shape and had to declare in what Americans called chapter 11. The situation was a bit more complex than before as the company had purchased another company called Pielsa (manufacturers of boat shoes) the collateral for the money loaned by the banks to...
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