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is that machine made? I thought Vass was handwelted? if machine made = gemming?
So a pump stitch in essence is a tunnel stitch? If that is the case the strength of the shoe will be determined by how we maintain the sole/insole? Also I guess there is not possibility to resole in a such a shoe
Disagree MD has going down hill in terms of quality over the past 2/3 years, unfortunately prices have gone up. It is still a very reasonable offer if you want the Italian look, but please dont call cashmere jumper something that has below 10%!! For a little bit more you have Boggi.
I read it is Anderson and Sheppard
is this the same stuff than Edelman sells?
Do you have the jaime loafer available in a 8UK? I see it is there but when I try to purchase it it says "out of stock" maybe a glitch on the stock position?
Who is the tailor for the King of Morocco? Is his son also wearing a tailored suit? He must be 10 and he will outgrow the suit in just a couple of years!
I love the Houndstooth NSM but my usual measurement at the waist is 21 and not 20, The rest of measurements are fine. Can I increase it 1 inch ?
Sorry, the thread has changed a bit in the past week, but about this way of covering the stitching on the sole As rubber strip covers the groove and protects the stitching and acts as grip. He calls it "pitian' finish.
Thank you, do you remember in what thread DWFII posted that??
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