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PM sent a couple of days back.
Any idea who makes these?
it is Jack Wills.
+1 for pineapple. I got one made out of pina fabric. Strange feeling.bamboo as upholstery fabrics is similar to the viscose; quite shinny. Cellulose of the bamboo is used to process viscose. It can be also wowen similar to a linen or ramie fabric.
last year I saw a pair of Fortnum & Mason loafers on sale in Camden Town. Nice pair of loafers. Made in Italy, blake stitched. RTW.
just placed an order with ET. It has been a pleasure dealing with Shaya. FYI, there are some new Drakes pocket squares in the sale section.
wow, when all would be live? On Thursday?
is that machine made? I thought Vass was handwelted? if machine made = gemming?
So a pump stitch in essence is a tunnel stitch? If that is the case the strength of the shoe will be determined by how we maintain the sole/insole? Also I guess there is not possibility to resole in a such a shoe
Disagree MD has going down hill in terms of quality over the past 2/3 years, unfortunately prices have gone up. It is still a very reasonable offer if you want the Italian look, but please dont call cashmere jumper something that has below 10%!! For a little bit more you have Boggi.
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