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+1.Correct two (or three in you consider Meermin) different companies all linked by the same family name: Albaldejo. Yanko was at authentic monster. At the peak of his production he had 900 employees. I am not sure of how many pair of shoes they produced at that times but they once were aiming at 1,000,000 pairs per year. If I am correct Allen Edmonds one one of the largest manufactures of goodyear welted shoes in the world manufactures around 300,000 pairs per year.I am...
I haven't tried the 'new' Yankos, but I don't think that there are new as such. It is only that the brand is having more internet exposure now. Before Carmina in Spain it was only Yanko and Lottusse with brands like Barrats, George's in Mallorca or Cordwainer (Pertini) in Almansa one step below. Berwick does private label for many shoemakers in Europe (some of them are AV in this forum)Yanko was in fact Carmina, until unfortunately Albaladejo lost the business because of...
Hi Paco El Sarto. Any mod can check that my ip is 5,000 kms aways from Spain, so no I am not matemale' sock neither he is my sock.Yes, Paco did made his post in DW., He wants them all removed from there as it affects his seriousness as reputable shirt maker....
PM sent a couple of days back.
Any idea who makes these?
it is Jack Wills.
+1 for pineapple. I got one made out of pina fabric. Strange feeling.bamboo as upholstery fabrics is similar to the viscose; quite shinny. Cellulose of the bamboo is used to process viscose. It can be also wowen similar to a linen or ramie fabric.
last year I saw a pair of Fortnum & Mason loafers on sale in Camden Town. Nice pair of loafers. Made in Italy, blake stitched. RTW.
just placed an order with ET. It has been a pleasure dealing with Shaya. FYI, there are some new Drakes pocket squares in the sale section.
wow, when all would be live? On Thursday?
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