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Would you have preferred a long answer explaining the reasons why he didn't want your business? I agree with Nelson in not giving you the business based in your email. I think that sometimes is good to be short and blunt. I think that wouldn't like even less a detailed answer of the reasons why he doesn't want your business.
+ 1. interested in that. How I can contact him? Dubai is a desert sartorially speaking. There is a plethora of substandard tailors here but nothing really worth. I know that Zaremba has come here as well as Chiaia from Naples. (He asked me for 4,000pcs for basic 2 pcs suit) Logsdail has (had?) an outlet here but I think they only do MTM and if you want bespoke he has to fly over from the States.....
anyone knows where to buy a solaro fabric online? Many thanks.
I heard that the problem with merino is durability. Can you comment on that? Many thanks,I saw the other day a 50 merino/50 polyester shirt, but it was on the 'camper/camping section' rather than in the sports section so I am not sure if they can be used when doing extreme exercise (by extreme I mean long distance/high intensity). My main issue is that I sweat profusely so the polyester ones only last me a season.
will you sell the Dover on its own?
How do you know is poor quality corrected leather just looking at the picture?
Does anyone know who makes suits and shirts for Cruciani?
Alfred Sargent, i think
it was a dacha, and if I remember correctly he was keeping there either 100 or 200 suits.
Interesting point, I am not sure what your job is, but the truth is that every job that requires motor/manual skills get better everytime that a new unit is produced as the only way of learning the skill is repeating the same task on a regular basis, therefore an master should be always be better than his pupil, just because of that.On the other hand a pupil could be more inventive/creative than his master and therefore be better than him on creative way.This is something...
New Posts  All Forums: