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just placed an order with ET. It has been a pleasure dealing with Shaya. FYI, there are some new Drakes pocket squares in the sale section.
wow, when all would be live? On Thursday?
is that machine made? I thought Vass was handwelted? if machine made = gemming?
So a pump stitch in essence is a tunnel stitch? If that is the case the strength of the shoe will be determined by how we maintain the sole/insole? Also I guess there is not possibility to resole in a such a shoe
Disagree MD has going down hill in terms of quality over the past 2/3 years, unfortunately prices have gone up. It is still a very reasonable offer if you want the Italian look, but please dont call cashmere jumper something that has below 10%!! For a little bit more you have Boggi.
I read it is Anderson and Sheppard
is this the same stuff than Edelman sells?http://www.edelmanleather.com/products/upholstery-leather/russian-modernaya-poppy-rm03-color/?specs=1
Do you have the jaime loafer available in a 8UK? I see it is there but when I try to purchase it it says "out of stock" maybe a glitch on the stock position?
Who is the tailor for the King of Morocco? Is his son also wearing a tailored suit? He must be 10 and he will outgrow the suit in just a couple of years!
I love the Houndstooth NSM but my usual measurement at the waist is 21 and not 20, The rest of measurements are fine. Can I increase it 1 inch ?
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