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I think that this shoemakers pegs, but in the hypothetical case case he doesn't do it. Is there any other way (rather than glue) to fix the sole?can he do a sort of blake stitch in the waist? I think he should need to use a sort of insole later. Does it make sense what I am saying? Anyhow I would try to get more pictures showing the same process on a different shoe. Btw wouldn't you need quite a lot of excess lather folded over if you were to peg? Would the peg need to...
so just quoting the bolded part.. 2 pictures with 2 different questionsPICTURE 1Why is he stitching a canvas strip around the welt? Also it seems that he is doing two paralel seams: one on the welt and the second one on the canvas with the same thread. I don't know if this posible as I can't figure how to 'pass' the thread from the welt to the strip.I also noticed that the is 360 degrees welt nailed at the heel.PICTURE 2I am not sure if I understand what is going here. I...
Thank you. Doesn't the welt finish to early on the insole. It is quite before the waist starts. This people don't peg the sole. How are attach the sole to the insole in that particular if there is no welt?
what is this? Can you consider this stitching aloft? I see no hold fast or channel. the upper seems to be folded over the insole and just glued. Then the welt is just stitched on top. I am not sure if a channel is in there,
i see nothing wrong with this briefcase.
You can buy direct from Cacciopoli, Cacciopoli, no issues.
@marcodalondra, Do you know Manifatture Caracciolo ?
Meermin is not finished in Spain. Meermin is fully manufactured in China. Please see enclosed attached to one of their boxes. It reads (in Spanish) Manufactured in China with European (raw) materiales Meermin is listed as importer/manufacturer. The finishing that they do here is basically putting them in the box. There is a legal obligation in Spain to mention clearly the county of origin of the goods. The label has attached probably in Spain after the shoe was...
The Bambino 3 is automatic and very similar in look. The main problem is the Lug width: 21mm instead or either 20/22mm
Quite a lot of factories in Almansa. Berwick (that I think make shoes for shoepassion), Pertini (Cordwainer), John Spencer (sadly out of business now). I think Calce is based in Almansa as well Never heard about sidejobs but if the tradition is to make just purely a goodyear machine welted I see difficult for anyone to handwelt a shoe for you.
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