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Ahah actually, oddly enough, they had when I was 16
My dad's tailor carries Oxxford, and I've tried on the line before. It seemed to fit well, but I'd probably try again.I'm aware of the fact that this isn't a blazer... already have one of those.And the main reason I'm spending so much--the only reason I never brought this up, by the way, is because I don't want to come off sounding like every other loser on the internet who makes stuff up to impress people they'll never meet--is because I'll be filming a game show in...
Ahahah I agree! During my freshman year of high school, I decided to join the swim team... my legs were a bit hirsute, so I decided to trim. A lot. Basically, my legs had never looked better in shorts (and probably won't), and I feel awful for even saying that manscaping played a part in that.
and master-classter, that's no offense towards you whatsoever. i definitely appreciate your opinion, so i hope i don't come off as an aggressive ass
here's the thing--i've been 5'11 and 170 pounds for the last year and a half, and my foot hasn't grown in ages... so I think we can throw out the "still growing" theory. and although my current suit's only been worn three or four times, that's only because i purposefully avoided school dances; now i've got homecoming in three weeks, another dance in a month, a wedding in two, etc., etc. i'll also be going to a southern school where formality is the norm, most social...
I know this is a dead link, but I needed to reply: I HAVE NEVER WORN SUSPENDERS AS PART OF A CASUAL OUTFIT. EVER. And the only brimmed hats I ever wear are the so-called "fratty" bar hats, and that's almost always to an athletic event; I rarely wear hats in other situations. But thanks for the judgment, my friend!
I'm 17... that should be all you need to know in terms of price and quality range. However, I came across a spectacular deal today: I'm a huge fan of Oxxford, and, as someone who's always been of a skinny/athletic build, the slim fit is perfect. I love, love, love navy suits, and I feel like I could make this one last for quite...
the yellow cords still available?
jeeze... angry much? do explain
haha i'm a big BB fan, but my father feels it's a bit... WASPy for a catholic-jew, so i have to buy it myself. i did pick up the BB x Ray-Ban Wayfarers, though, those're filthy. and i love fratagonia, got like three fleeces and a few sweaters, but i've never really checked out the stand-ups. on j.crew... i love their design philosophy, but i've noticed that their fit is a bit weird on me, and they don't last as long as i'd like
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