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(made a post about wills wearing a green windcheater over his suit, but I realize we can't post copyrighted images anymore)
For sale one pair of Brooks Brothers Peal & Co "Algonquin split-toe" laceups, size 11D, used but in good condition. Photographs attached. These are made by Crockett & Jones and have hidden welt stitching. These have been polished and dubbin applied to the soles regularly. I originally glued on some small pieces of topy to the toes (see photos) so the toes have been seen wear. The soles are in good shape, worn but nowhere near the welt stitching. The rubber heel inserts are...
I've bought both the AE Mac on #7 last and the Cheaney longwings from Herrings (can't remember the name) on the 175 last. The shape and proportions were virtually identical. I didn't keep them because neither work well for me. The size equivalency was #7 in 10E = 175 in 9.5F.I normally I wear a 10.5D in north American sizes, so 9.5 is my UK size, but for some reason 10E in Allen Edmonds fits me best, hence the strangeness of that size comparison. Anyways, the 175 last is...
For sale one Greenbrier brand MA-1 jacket, civilian, size L, colour dark teal, new-old-stock. Nylon shell and liner with poly insulation. This jacket is a civilian model dated 1993 and made in the USA. The colour is teal, but it's much, much darker than the teal colour used by Alpha. This jacket is size Large but fits quite big, slightly bigger than Alpha USA-made jackets of the same period (see measurements below). The knits are heavier gauge and insulation is slightly...
For sale one Alpha Industries MA-1 Replica series jacket, size Large, colour dark grey, condition excellent. It has the red tag with gold lettering on the sleeve pocket. No smells, stains, or tears although there is a small wear mark on the lower left elbow area which is insignificant. Although an Alpha civilian jacket, it has the old-style wool/cotton insulation which makes it very heavy and suitable for winter use, and the nylon shell is also slightly heavier gauge than...
I think it was the original poster who posted a close-up of the following BB polo coat: It's BB's new version of BB's old standby polo coat and to my eye it seems slightly too short, although the older version was arguably too long (almost a floor-sweeper). Is anyone familiar with the older versus new BB polo coats?
Their tassel loafers have a wonderful shape and those tassel loafers in tartan are particularly beautiful.
Filson customer service told me today via email that their bush jacket (#10051) has been discontinued, at least temporarily, although they didn't seem 100% certain. They did say they have a few sitting around so interested persons should call them and they might have your size.
About two years ago I was told by Sheila Bone at Cheaney that the Cheaney 2003 last was identical to the Church's 73 last. She checked with one of their lastmakers, so that's kosher.
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