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Pucifer:You speak like someone who has never beenSmacked in the fucking mouthThat's OK, we have the remedyYou speak like someone who has never beenKnocked the fuck on outBut we have your remedy
Is it possible to get gunmetal hardware (at least zipper-pulls/ball-chains) sent over for a sad silver-colored-hardware wearing norseman?
That is calf! the thicker calf, if i recall correct.The bulge is relatively annoying if I wear a large-ish and/or thick-ish watch. Say, my seiko skx007, which isnt that large, but is rather thick, is somewhat annoying, I keep repositioning the bulge to avoid it, my citizen nighthawk (yeah, I know, quartz and all, but bah) is not very thick, but is large, so harder to reposition the bulge. With smaller watches (i have a few vintage seikos), the problem is less prominent.
Ach... Too bad for us that already ordered... The front facing zips are really interfering with my watch-game, as the zip-lining bulge interfere with my watch all the time. I guess that is the price I pay for being a beta-tester... Anyhows, more pics:This is after two weeks-ish of wear. I like how it fits, feels very good. I think it looks rather good too, so great job on measurements/fit Charly!
So, I have not had time to do proper pics (of fit or leather quality), but as a very quick sample of the grain I like: I´ll post better pictures later.
My jacket arrived quickly and safely. Custom sized black, calf DR1. The jacket fits great, length is good both in body and arms. The leather looks very good - not veiny, nice grain. All in all: very happy!
130kg benchpress is decent, 300kg deadlift is great!
+15 = 93,115
Price and fit just isn't very well correlated tbh. For some people, maybe? For my body? not even close.
Will quilting be an option on the double rider variants or the moto? I had a calf ToJ and I would love another MTM-variant.
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