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Collared Moto arrived yesterday. Nice fit, a bit too big, but I've lost some weight so that is only natural, will be nice when broken in!
P2P measurements?
Quality, design, technical details, where it is produced.. etc.
Sounds great, I'm at the 8 week mark now, so getting closer then I guess. Can't wait! Thanks for the feedback.
So, just to be in line with the last few posts, we are expecting a wait time up to 23 weeks at the current moment?
WTB one of the already sold out workshirts from Rogue Territory. S&H to Norway as I live there.. Can supply eBay feedback if needed.
Overthinking it _massively. I grew up in a small village in the northern part of Norway. We get 30-40 below (celcius). Have a nice pair of _winter_ boots for when you are going to dig out your car, play in the snow with your kids or go for a hike. Ordinary outdoor leather shoes with rubber soles, a good layer of leather conditioner and woolen socks will suffice for everything else.
I understand that perfectly I just assumed you were busy, did not take orders. But I'll send a new email with my question/request.Thanks for the feedback!
Could you check your spam-folder then? I sent a request a month or so back, no reply so far. Would happily send again of course.
So, any chance that any of the moto's will be available in FQHH or other similar weight leathers?
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