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Not quite: Couldn't find this on the website.
Plum Raw Silk. http://www.samhober.com/rough-thai-silk-ties/plum-thai-rough-silk-tie-9.html
The seven fold raw silk. A positive batten of a tie.
Folks- Get this: http://vandafineclothing.com/store/neckties/458-orange-blue-slubs.html and be sad that you didn't get the Japanese "grenadine". That one may never be beaten.
There are few simpler pleasures than knowing that the whole world can hang, but your shirt FITS. Carl helps greatly with this.
When Carl says there's no house style, he means it. If you can think of it, he will make it.
Think I did. It's spectacular
New ones in: Plum Raw Silk 7 fold Atkinsons (untipped) Sage Plaid Linen Lavender and Red Striped Wool
Bumping this for a class act. Nick takes better care of my shoes than I do.
Good - been in SFA, counting the days, and I guess this is a relapse...
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