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Bumping this for a class act. Nick takes better care of my shoes than I do.
Good - been in SFA, counting the days, and I guess this is a relapse...
Good news, and glad you're enjoying what appears to have been the last one in stock... Edit: Couple left - get yours now before I do
Looking specifically for someone who's got the grey and doesn't think it's great
Nope.He's a 38.
Anyone ever go for the Irish Poplin hand rolled option? http://www.samhober.com/options-for-tie-construction/hand-rolled-irish-poplin-tie-edges-without-tipping.html
Anyone have the grey-on-grey silk/linen?
Get this: http://ashlandleather.bigcartel.com/product/louis-little-new-york-horween-shell-cordovan-front-pocket-wallet Got a green one from Nick - impressed with the work and it holds so little that it has to stay slim. Also call J. Press to see whether they have Charing Cross wallets still.
ti fa pozzo il piccolo, ragazzo.
Interesting. I will bring the Acorn Imperial end on end (170/2) I have in and we'll see how it makes up and lasts.Edit: there's a vote of confidence - Acorn doesn't make it anymore.
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