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Quote: Originally Posted by tiger02 Four and a half months or so, but I run on regular gas. OK, 1,25 EUR/l should do you then. In terms of unit pricing that is more than most beverages I consume, lol. On the plus side this thread made me realise that I can't complain about my electricity bill. I pay less than 30 Euros per month for a one person/ 1 BR household. I do splurge on my hot showers though. There are 24 apartments in my complex, with...
You raise a valid point. However in this case it sounds as if Etienne has cleared it with the groom, so he should be ok. And welcome to SF
Quote: Originally Posted by tiger02 You should try living in Germany. EVERYTHING is absurdly expensive. Keep in mind that I'm not even on the same continent as my apartment right now. Electricity: 120 Euros Phone and Internet: thankfully were willing to shut them off. Had been 110 Euros Heat, cable, and water: 120 euros (I use one room heater, in the bathroom. Everywhere else I dress warm. I shower at work and German cable doesn't even work on...
Good job, that is one of the large circulation news magazines in Germany. I don't usually read it, but I'll pick up this one.
Quote: Originally Posted by Étienne Thanks for the tip, Fritz. It does look promising, although unfortunately the model displayed in their photo displays a white vest poking under the jacket... Yes, I noticed that too. They also have some dubious advice on their website. In terms of rules, does such a thing as a long jacket ("Langsakko") actually exist? They propose it for semi-formal and parties. A friend of mine proudly told me about his long...
Wilvorst make RTW tails. (http://www.wilvorst.de/Kollektionen/Classics.2006.html) They have a lot of phantasy outfits as well though, so I don't know how credible they are as a supplier. They are probably the most widely known maker of formalwear in Germany FWIW, so you should probably think more of Boss in terms of quality rather than Attolini. On the plus side it is going to be relatively affordable.
Nah, I have a pair from Zara and I hate them. I bought them because I liked the colour and they were cheap. Turns out that when I sit down the butt area stretches and when I stand up again, it sort of sticks out. Looks awful, as if I had a pointy butt, lol. Denim doesn’t feel like much quality wise either. I have a pair of GAP 1969 that seems pretty okay. I think I’d actually wear that one if it weren’t black.
I’d say that this whole question is a bit more complicated than just the four body-types. For example, I am moderately v-shaped, which would suggest natural, unpadded shoulders. However I have a large head, and I need to be careful that too small a shoulderline doesn’t make it look huge. So that is something I need to balance to create an overall pleasing look. The question of cultural context also needs to be considered: For suits I prefer single-pleated pants. They make...
I’ve been seeing a lot of Take Two lately. There is only one store in my town that carries Nudies, and they have tons of Take Two. Much of it seems to be on sale. I just kind of assumed they were some cheapo crap housebrand that was intended to be marked down from the beginning. Haven’t examined them closely though, so I have no idea if they are any good.
No need to apologize, I knew that. In my own clumsy way I was trying to play along, but hmm, this Internet thing does have its limitations… Speaking of Erne.. uhm, Farid, looks like he hasn’t been banned yet.
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