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My size conversion table suggests, that size 46 Italian is a size 16 US. Italian 44 is US 14. In women's clothing sizing seems to vary by country even within Europe. So a size 40 Italian is a 44 in Spain, 38 in Netherlands and Germany etc. So that's different from men's clothes where a size 50 is the same all over (continental) Europe. Anyway, I'm not an expert for women's clothing, I just looked it up in a table. So maybe someone else can confirm this before you list.
Sorry, double post.
The people I see wearing chelsea boots at the barn generally don’t ride in them. They are just convenient to get in and out of when changing into English-style riding boots. Lace-up ankle boots with chaps are also popular. No jodhpurs, no chelseas for riding.
I agree with pretty much everything Renault says. Let me add another thing from my experience: When I ran my first marathon, I had never run more than 12 miles, and my training regimen was an average of three runs a week. The vast majority of those runs were less than 45 minutes. I did not do long runs (though I knew they were recommended). My goal was to finish, basically just to find out whether I could do it, and I made it in a bit less than four hours. Now, I’m not...
"žSurgeon's cuffs" means that the cuff buttons work. So theoretically you could open them, fold them over and then perform surgery without taking the coat off.
When you ordered, you didn’t have a precise idea of what you wanted. Therefore in my opinion you are served quite well with the standard fare, like notch lapels. Deviations from the standard need to be well thought out to work. For example you mention getting a three-piece pinstripe, a very formal suit. And then you complain about not being informed about ticket pockets, a rather sporty detail. Now, I’m not saying it can’t be done. But you need to be conscious of what...
The one thing that my dad can't forgive my grandparents (whom he otherwise loves dearly): as a kid they dressed him up in miniature Lederhosen and took a picture of him.
I saw a blue Zegna blazer that was exactly like a suit jacket. That was in a legit retail store. I told the salesman, this is like a suit jacket. He disagreed, but couldn't tell me what the difference was... So I guess it's possible that this really a "blazer". On the other hand, if it looks like an orphaned suit jacket, that's what the onlooker will think it is, regardless of whether you bought it as a blazer or not.
The only time I’ve seen Vass shoes was earlier this year in Cologne. There was a small selection of clunkier models, brogues with double soles mostly. They were actually somewhat less then 400 Euros full retail, so the website isn’t even particularly cheap. However there were no U lasts, cordos, boots etc.
Over in the denim section there seem to be a couple of guys that wear girls' jeans, too. There was thread about that some time ago.
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