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I have a pair of Zegna cotton khakis that I put in the washing machine. The guy in the Zegna store said that I could that, and I did so at least a dozen times without any problem.
I also want aportnoy back. Seems like a nice guy. And we haven't seen the "family portrait" of his shoes yet. I was looking forward to that.
OK, perhaps my post missed the point a bit, so I'll add the following: The spare ribs I barbecue for my brother and my dad. Summer breeze Sunny days Hot cocoa in a ski lodge. Salmon sashimi RJ, love the term Arbeitsschmerz. Never heard it before, but it's clever.
Just yesterday at the barn: Arriving around 2 pm, having a coffee and chatting. Go riding with a friend, again, chatting. Getting back, taking care of the horse. Then hanging around until 6 pm, watching people jump their horses. The fact that finally spring arrived here, really helps, because I could go outside instead of just staying inside like all winter. Without any pressure I got up at 5.30 am today, so that I get a long of things done and can go back horse-riding...
Could it possibly have been Dormeuil fabric instead of Dunhill? Just wondering, because Dormeuil is a legit cloth brand.
I think the collar points should be longer, but the angle is fine. Also I don't think you should lower the height if you plan on wearing the shirt with jacket and tie.
Quote: 16. Officially stated dress codes you can always bend: Black-tie, business casual, casual. Official dress codes you can't: Cocktail formal, white-tie, morning dress. What is cocktail formal? If you can't bend it, there must be some Rules...
I designed a pair, too. I didn't mix in as many different patterns as cielo did. Essentially I got pair of navy pinstripe sneakers with brown suede detailing, so it's still unique and something I wouldn't be able to get OTR. Sorry, I have no camera, but I think they go nicely with denim. Especially after dark, because I am not a fan of black sneakers (or any black for that matter) with denim. It's a fun process. You definitely need some patience to sort through the...
Fun trivia I read in an EJ interview: RJ's nickname is Gandhi, because when he hangs out at Elton's summer home in Nice, he devotes himself all day to getting really really tan.
I think I read the Boyer article somewhere else not too long ago. Perhaps the Sartorialist blog?
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