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Quote: Three more days.. ...and I am off to Munich to see the opening game Germany vs Costa Rica. My brother got us tickets.
A bit more can be found here:
People keep saying, he's to young to dress like that etc. I disagree. If there is any age where it is appropriate to dress outrageously and against the norm, it's < 20 years, 25 years tops. So I support this whole fedora/suit thing. At that age, pretty much everything is a costume. Some kids choose to wear costumes that lots of other people wear, like hiphoppers, and our new member here doesn't. That's cool I think. I agree with those that say the hat doesn't fit very...
Have you checked out yet?
Great news, Mr. Trotter. Congratulations!
Quote: Are there colors, outfits I should avoid? Yes, you should avoid the color white. Wearing white is the bride's privilege, whether she choses to do so or not. You may go shopping now ;-)
I sometimes use black on brown shoes. It's a nice effect. Related question: what polish do I use to get rid of a reddish tint in the brown? Intuitively I'd say green, but I haven't been able to try yet (don't have green polish). Should I try to find some? Anyone with experience?
Quote: The numbers might not exactly match but I'd tend to agree that it probably is a fairly safe assumption. Men compare themselves to the average, not to the pick of the litter. Think about the underlying psychology. My objection was more to the method rather than the numbers: I wouldn't want to base my decisions on a poll among HSers from way back. I agree that I find the numbers plausible for contemporary adult males, but that's just guesswork....
Quote: It's safe to assume that ... not much changes in becoming an adult. That is not at all a safe assumption.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fabienne Probably true in a lot of cases. Also, it's amazing how quickly children can forget a person, sometimes out of sheer survival. However, I wonder what it does to a child to be repeatedly befriended, only for the person to drop out of their life after a few months. That happened to a close friend of mine. Bio dad barely plays a role in her life, and she had some other people drop out as well. She feels it has...
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